Supervised Externship and Clinic - Domestic Relations (Clinical Component)

The Domestic Relations program has a clinical component and an externship component. In the clinical component, students have a unique opportunity to assist pro se litigants in obtaining uncontested divorces in Fairfax Circuit Court. Pro se litigants who already have initiated the divorce process in Fairfax Circuit Court but have been unable to complete the process due to difficulties with filing the necessary documents are referred to the Domestic Relations program by the Court. In the clinical component, students are given their own case load of litigants to assist and may meet with clients, draft pleadings, review documentation and appear in court for ore tenus hearings before a Fairfax County Circuit Court judge. In the externship component, students are assigned to a supervising attorney who is an expert in domestic relations law and will work in the supervising attorney’s office on all manner of domestic relations issues and cases. Students may perform research and writing, assist with the discovery process, and observe court proceedings. Additionally, if they have their Third-Year Practice Certificate, some students may even have the opportunity to argue motions for support or minor property determinations. This pass/fail program is offered year-round, and students may earn 3 out-of-class credits for 180 hours of field work. For general details on the externship component of this program, please look over the Information Packet for the Supervised Externship – Fall, Spring, Summer.