Homeland and National Security Law Concentration

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George Mason Law Students may, in the alternative, choose to pursue the Homeland and National Security Law Concentration. This concentration enables students interested in specializing in this field to present potential employers both in government and in the private sector) with a credential that reflects a solid foundation in homeland and national security law. The Homeland and National Security Law Program is directed by Jamil N. Jaffer.

In order to complete the Homeland and National Security Law Concentration, students must complete the following homeland and national security law courses:

Required Courses Credit Hours
Administrative Law 3
Homeland Security Law or Homeland Security Law Seminar 2 or 3
National Security Law or National Security Law Seminar 2 or 3

In addition to these core courses, student must choose three electives from the following list:

Electives Credit Hours
Aviation Law 2 or 3
Legal Clinic: Mason Veterans and Servicemembers 2
Communications Law 3
Criminal Procedure: Investigation
Criminal Procedure: Adjudication 2 or 3
European Union Law 2
Government Contracts 2
Immigration Law 3
International Law 3
International Trade 3
Law of Government Oversight and Internal Investigations Seminar 2
Privacy and Information Security Law 2
Prosecuting Terrorism and Cases Involving National Security 2 or 3
Surveillance Law Seminar
War and Law or War and Law Seminar
2 or 3