Litigation Law Concentration

See: Opportunities for Specialization in the Study of Law: Litigation Law or Criminal Law External Link


This concentration is designed for students who wish to gain a solid foundation in litigation law, and to prepare for a litigation practice.

In order to complete the Litigation Law Concentration, students must complete the following litigation law courses:

Required Courses Credit Hours
Litigation and Dispute Resolution Theory
3 or 4
Federal Courts
Trial Advocacy or Trial Advocacy for Competitors
Pretrial Practice 2

*Please see the Spring 2014 registration documents for additional information regarding this course.

In addition to these core courses, student must choose one procedural elective from the following list:

ElectivesCredit Hours
Advanced Constitutional Law: Freedom of Religion 2
Criminal Procedure: Investigation
Criminal Procedure: Adjudication
2 or 3
Legislation* 2
Public Choice and Public Law Seminar 3
Quantitative Forensics 3

*Note: Students matriculating prior to Fall 2012 may apply Litigation & Statutory Interpretation (Law 266) as an elective course towards the Litigation Law Concentration. Students matriculating in Fall 2012 or later must choose an alternative elective course.

Students who want a more in-depth concentration in this subject area should consider the Litigation Law Track.