Veterans Law

Credit Hours: 2
Semesters Taught (subject to change): Fall

The number of cases brought by veterans in search of benefits to the Department of Veterans Affairs (“DVA”) is expected to exponentially increase as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wind down and the military continues to draw down its numbers. With that increase will come a corresponding increase in veterans seeking review of decisions made by their local DVA offices in an attempt to secure benefits. These veterans will require pro bono assistance, particularly because there is little to no remuneration available for representation for these cases. This course will introduce students to the bodies of administrative law that govern the administration of veterans’ benefits, focusing attention on how veterans’ claims are adjudicated through the DVA and governing courts. The course will incorporate a case study and practical exercises. The goal of the course is to educate and train students about a large, specific body of administrative law and prepare students to serve as pro bono counsel to veterans in the future.