Computer Crime Seminar

Credit Hours: 2
Semesters Taught (subject to change): Summer

This seminar will explore the legal issues that judges, legislators, prosecutors, and defense attorneys confront as they respond to the recent explosion in computer-related and online crime. In particular, the course will consider how crimes in cyberspace will challenge traditional approaches to the investigation, prosecution, and defense of crime, all of which have evolved from our experience with crimes in physical space. Topics will include: the Fourth Amendment in cyberspace, the law of electronic surveillance, computer hacking and other computer crimes, cyberterrorism, and intellectual property crimes. Although much of this class involves computer and internet technology, no prior technical background or knowledge is required. Any technology that needs to be understood will be explained in class, and students should not hesitate to ask for other technical explanations. Criminal Law is recommended but not required. There are no course prerequisites.