Section ID   No.  Title                   Days       Course Times   Instructor
LAW 096 W01 00154 LRW & A I - Writing                                            
LAW 096 W02 00155 LRW & A I - Writing                                            
LAW 096 W03 00156 LRW & A I - Writing                                            
LAW 096 W04 00157 LRW & A I - Writing                                            
LAW 096 W05 00185 LRW & A I - Writing                                            
LAW 096 002 00016 Lgl Rsch Writ & Anly I   F        0200PM 0300PM BLANTON, W J   
LAW 096 004 00023 Lgl Rsch Writ & Anly I   F        0800PM 0900PM BLANTON, W J   
LAW 096 005 00024 Lgl Rsch Writ & Anly I   F        0600PM 0700PM BLANTON, W J   
LAW 096 001 00015 Lgl Rsch Writ & Anly I   F        1000AM 1100AM BLANTON, W J   
LAW 096 003 00022 Lgl Rsch Writ & Anly I   F        0600PM 0700PM BLANTON, W J   
LAW 098 W01 00158 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W02 00159 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W03 00160 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W04 00161 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W05 00162 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W06 00163 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W07 00164 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W08 00165 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W09 00166 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W10 00167 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W11 00168 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W12 00169 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W13 00170 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W14 00171 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W15 00172 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W16 00173 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W17 00174 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 006 00119 Appellate Writing        F        0800AM 1000AM SAMPSON, K     
LAW 098 016 00129 Appellate Writing        F        0800PM 1000PM DONOHUE, D J   
LAW 098 017 00130 Appellate Writing        F        0800PM 1000PM MCSWEENEY,     
LAW 098 001 00098 Appellate Writing        F        0800AM 1000AM ROSSMAN, K     
LAW 098 002 00099 Appellate Writing        F        1200PM 0200PM GIFFEN,        
LAW 098 003 00079 Appellate Writing        F        0530PM 0730PM LOVE, M        
LAW 098 004 00080 Appellate Writing        F        0800PM 1000PM FERNANDEZ,     
LAW 098 005 00118 Appellate Writing                                              
LAW 098 007 00120 Appellate Writing        F        0800AM 1000AM BUNN, B P      
LAW 098 008 00121 Appellate Writing        F        0800AM 1000AM REED, M P      
LAW 098 009 00122 Appellate Writing        F        1200PM 0200PM ISENSTADT, E   
LAW 098 010 00123 Appellate Writing        F        1200PM 0200PM MCGEE, E L     
LAW 098 011 00124 Appellate Writing        F        1200PM 0200PM TOSINI, J L    
LAW 098 012 00125 Appellate Writing        F        0530PM 0730PM FERNANDEZ,     
LAW 098 013 00126 Appellate Writing        F        0530PM 0730PM SKELTON, M     
LAW 098 014 00127 Appellate Writing        F        0530PM 0730PM CASTLETON, T B 
LAW 098 015 00128 Appellate Writing                                              
LAW 102 001 00010 Contracts I              M        1000AM 1150AM BUCKLEY, F H   
LAW 102 002 00020 Contracts I              M        0800PM 0950PM BUCKLEY, F H   
LAW 104 001 00017 Property I               T        0345PM 0530PM EAGLE, S J     
LAW 104 002 00025 Property I               T        0600PM 0750PM EAGLE, S J     
LAW 107 001 00147 Teaching Law & Economics                        WILLIAMS       
LAW 107 002 00148 Teaching Law & Economics                        IPPOLITO, R    
LAW 108 001 00013 Econ Fdtns - Lgl Studies T        1000AM 1150AM WILLIAMS, W    
LAW 108 003 00021 Econ Found - Lgl Studies W        0800PM 0950PM IPPOLITO, R    
LAW 108 002 00014 Econ Fdtns - Lgl Studies W        1000AM 1150AM IPPOLITO, R    
LAW 110 001 00018 Torts                    MW       0200PM 0350PM HASNAS, J H    
LAW 110 002 00019 Torts                    TR       1000AM 1150AM GRADY, M       
LAW 110 004 00027 Torts                    MW       0600PM 0750PM KRAUSS, M I    
LAW 110 003 00026 Torts                    MW       0600PM 0750PM HASNAS, J H    
LAW 112 001 00011 Civil Procedure          TR       0130PM 0320PM GREEN, M S     
LAW 112 002 00012 Civil Procedure          MW       0200PM 0350PM GREEN, M S     
LAW 112 003 00065 Civil Procedure          TR       0800PM 0950PM ABRAMOWICZ,    
LAW 121 001 00033 Constitutional Law       MW       1000AM 1150AM STEARNS, M L   
LAW 121 002 00034 Constitutional Law       MW       0200PM 0350PM STEARNS, M L   
LAW 121 003 00068 Constitutional Law       TR       0600PM 0750PM LUND, N R      
LAW 151 001 00109 Aviation Law             M        0800PM 0950PM WALDEN, G S    
LAW 162 001 00063 Banking & Elec Fin Reg                          LEDIG, R H     
LAW 172 001 00031 Business Associations    TR       0200PM 0350PM RIBSTEIN, L E  
LAW 172 002 00064 Business Associations    TR       0600PM 0750PM RIBSTEIN, L E  
LAW 179 001 00105 Legal Clinic                                    KLEIN,         
LAW 181 001 00066 Communications Law       MW       0800PM 0915PM SOCKETT, J     
LAW 197 001 00041 Financial Theory         MW       1030AM 1145AM JOHNSEN, D B   
LAW 198 001 00102 Corporate Tax            TR       0600PM 0715PM PIETRUSZKIEWICZ
LAW 200 001 00212 Family Law                                                     
LAW 205 W01 00191 Lit & Disp Res Theo-Wrt                                        
LAW 205 W02 00203 Lit & Disp Res Theo-Wrt                                        
LAW 205 001 00049 Lit & Dispute Res Theory M        0930AM 1200PM KOBAYASHI, B H 
LAW 205 002 00081 Lit & Dispute Res Theory M        0800PM 1030PM KOBAYASHI, B H 
LAW 206 001 00035 Criminal Procedure       MW       1030AM 1145AM LERNER         
LAW 206 002 00069 Criminal Procedure       MW       0800PM 0915PM LERNER         
LAW 207 001 00062 Advanced Criminal Proced T        0800PM 0950PM THACHER, J C   
LAW 212 002 00111 Domestic Relations       TR       0800PM 0915PM DNES           
LAW 212 001 00036 Domestic Relations                                             
LAW 213 001 00115 European Union Law       R        0600PM 0750PM                
LAW 218 W01 00181 Envir Reg I - Writing                                          
LAW 218 W02 00182 Envir Reg I - Writing                                          
LAW 218 001 00096 Environ Reg I            MW       0200PM 0315PM BERNSTEIN, D E 
LAW 218 002 00071 Environ Reg I            MW       0615PM 0730PM BERNSTEIN, D E 
LAW 219 001 00039 Estate & Gift Tax        MW       0430PM 0545PM WARD, R E      
LAW 219 002 00116 Estate & Gift Tax        M        0800PM 1030PM WOODRUFF, L    
LAW 222 001 00037 Evidence & Trial Proced  TR       0400PM 0515PM PARKER, J S    
LAW 222 002 00072 Evidence & Trial Proced  TR       0800PM 0915PM PARKER, J S    
LAW 226 001 00040 Federal Courts           MW       0400PM 0515PM ANTHONY, R A   
LAW 231 001 00073 Government Contracts     T        0800PM 0950PM                
LAW 236 001 00074 Income Tax               MW       0600PM 0750PM CHORVAT, T R   
LAW 238 W01 00140 Ind Study - Writing                                            
LAW 238 W04 00153 Ind Study - Writing                                            
LAW 238 W12 00208 Ind Study - Writing                                            
LAW 238 001 00139 Independent Study                               BLANTON, W J   
LAW 238 002 00141 Independent Study                               ZYWICKI, T J   
LAW 238 003 00142 Independent Study                               ZYWICKI, T J   
LAW 238 004 00143 Independent Study                               RIBSTEIN, L E  
LAW 238 005 00144 Independent Study                               LEDERMAN NEWTON
LAW 238 006 00145 Independent Study                               O'NEILL, M     
LAW 238 007 00146 Independent Study                               STAVIS, P F    
LAW 238 008 00149 Independent Study                               BERKOWITZ, P   
LAW 238 009 00150 Independent Study                               LEDERMAN NEWTON
LAW 238 010 00151 Independent Study                               DAVOLI, J I    
LAW 238 012 00207 Independent Study                               PARISI, F      
LAW 238 013 00210 Independent Study                               KOBAYASHI, B H 
LAW 241 001 00110 Internet Issues          M        0900AM 1050AM SAROSDY        
LAW 242 001 00042 Insurance Law            R        0400PM 0550PM GILLESPIE, N C 
LAW 245 001 00076 Intl Commercial Transact M        0800PM 0950PM CAVANAUGH, J M 
LAW 249 002 00075 Int'l Bus Econ and Law   M        0600PM 0750PM JOHNSEN, D B   
LAW 250 001 00077 International Taxation   TR       0615PM 0730PM CHORVAT, T R   
LAW 251 W01 00184 Int'l Trk Thesis-Writing                                       
LAW 251 001 00043 International Trk Thesis                        PARISI, F      
LAW 262 001 00209 Law Review                                                     
LAW 271 W01 00192 Lit Track Thesis-Writing                                       
LAW 271 001 00050 Litigation Track Thesis                         PARKER, J S    
LAW 277 W01 00188 Lgl Clin-Ment Ill-Wrt                                          
LAW 277 001 00046 Lgl Clin-Mental Illness  T        1000AM 1230PM DAVOLI, J I    
LAW 278 001 00137 Moot Court                                                     
LAW 283 W01 00189 Lgl Clin-Public Int-Wrt                                        
LAW 283 W02 00202 Lgl Clin-Public Int-Wrt                                        
LAW 283 001 00047 Legal Clinic-Public Int  TR       1030AM 1145AM KAMENAR,       
LAW 283 002 00078 Legal Clinic-Public Int  TR       0600PM 0715PM KAMENAR,       
LAW 284 001 00051 Patent Law I             W        0200PM 0350PM                
LAW 284 002 00086 Patent Law I             W        0600PM 0750PM                
LAW 285 001 00084 Patent Infringe Remedies                        MEYERS, G      
LAW 288 001 00085 Patent Infringement      W        0600PM 0750PM LAZAR, D S     
LAW 289 W01 00213 Perspctves on Reg-Wrt                                          
LAW 289 001 00087 Perspctves on Regulation W        0600PM 0750PM MURIS, T J     
LAW 298 001 00052 Professional Responsibil F        1000AM 1150AM GILLESPIE, N C 
LAW 298 002 00088 Professional Responsibil W        0800PM 0950PM GILLESPIE, N C 
LAW 310 001 00089 Regulation/Food & Drugs  T        0600PM 0750PM MOREY, R S     
LAW 320 001 00056 Supervised Externship    R        1200PM 1250PM COSTELLO, J L  
LAW 320 002 00152 Supervised Externship                                          
LAW 321 001 00057 Supervised Externship    R        1200PM 1250PM COSTELLO, J L  
LAW 322 001 00055 Sec Fin & Insol I        TR       0900AM 1015AM YOUNG          
LAW 327 001 00090 Trademark Law            TR       0800PM 0915PM ST. LANDAU, N D
LAW 329 001 00059 Trial Advocacy           R        0600PM 0750PM SHERIDAN, P F  
LAW 329 002 00091 Trial Advocacy           M        0600PM 0750PM WOOLDRIDGE JR.,
LAW 329 003 00133 Trial Advocacy           W        0600PM 0750PM STIMSON, C D   
LAW 330 001 00060 Trusts & Estates         TR       0400PM 0515PM COHEN, L R     
LAW 330 002 00092 Trusts & Estates         TR       0800PM 0915PM COHEN, L R     
LAW 331 001 00108 Trial Advocacy(Advanced) M        0600PM 0750PM KLEIN,         
LAW 334 001 00061 Virginia Practice        TR       0200PM 0315PM COSTELLO, J L  
LAW 334 002 00093 Virginia Practice        TR       0615PM 0730PM COSTELLO, J L  
LAW 346 W01 00179 Comparative Law-Writing                                        
LAW 346 W02 00196 Comparative Law-Writing                                        
LAW 346 001 00032 Comparative Law          TR       0400PM 0515PM PARISI, F      
LAW 346 002 00067 Comparative Law          TR       0800PM 0915PM PARISI, F      
LAW 348 W01 00178 Alt Disp Resol - Writing                                       
LAW 348 001 00030 Alt Dispute Resolution   W        0400PM 0550PM DUBESTER,      
LAW 350 W01 00187 Jurisprudence - Writing                                        
LAW 350 001 00045 Jurisprudence            M        1000AM 1150AM GREEN, M S     
LAW 357 001 00082 Mental Illness Law       T        0600PM 0750PM STAVIS, P F    
LAW 361 001 00135 Internet & On-Line Law   R        1000AM 1150AM MCNAMARA, B M  
LAW 361 002 00136 Internet & On-Line Law   R        0600PM 0750PM MCNAMARA, B M  
LAW 373 W01 00194 Sep of Powers Sem-Wrt                                          
LAW 373 001 00106 Separation of Powers Sem R        0200PM 0350PM STARR,         
LAW 401 W01 00175 Adv Admin Law Sem-Writ                                         
LAW 401 001 00028 Advance Admin Law Sem    M        0400PM 0550PM GELLHORN, E    
LAW 409 W01 00177 Adv Const Lw Sem-Writing                                       
LAW 409 001 00029 Adv Const Law Seminar    W        0400PM 0550PM EAGLE, S J     
LAW 434 W01 00186 Int'l Trade Sem -Writing                                       
LAW 434 001 00044 International Trade Sem  R        1000AM 1150AM CRAWFORD, C    
LAW 443 W01 00193 Reg Track Thesis-Writing                                       
LAW 443 001 00053 Regulatory Trk Thesis                           MURIS, T J     
LAW 449 W01 00195 Tort Theory Sem- Writing                                       
LAW 449 001 00058 Tort Theory Seminar      W        1000AM 1150AM KRAUSS, M I    
LAW 457 W01 00190 Legal Hist Sem-Writing                                         
LAW 457 001 00048 Legal History Seminar    T        0400PM 0550PM LIGGIO,        
LAW 458 W01 00204 Pat & Know-How Sem-Wrt                                         
LAW 458 001 00083 Pat & Know-How Licen Sem R        0600PM 0750PM O'REILLY, D P  
LAW 477 W01 00176 Adv Con Lw:14th Amen-Wrt                                       
LAW 477 001 00104 Adv Const Lw Sem:14th Am TR       0200PM 0315PM BERKOWITZ      
LAW 487 W01 00199 Entitlements & Law -Wrt                                        
LAW 487 001 00070 Entitlements & Law Sem   W        0800PM 0950PM FERRARA, P     
LAW 488 W01 00180 Digital Rev Sem-Writing                                        
LAW 488 001 00107 Digital Revolution Sem   R        0400PM 0550PM EISENACH       
LAW 492 001 00113 Interpreting Lgl Texts   R        0800PM 0950PM                
LAW 493 W01 00197 Computer Crime Sem-Wrt                                         
LAW 493 001 00114 Computer Crime Seminar   M        0600PM 0750PM GENETSKI, C    
LAW 494 W01 00201 Int'l Writing & Res -Wrt                                       
LAW 494 001 00117 Int'l Writing & Res Sem  M        0600PM 0750PM HOLLIS         
LAW 495 W01 00198 Elec Comm:Reg of Adv-Wrt                                       
LAW 495 001 00134 Electronic Commerce:     W        0800PM 0950PM FREEMAN,       
LAW 500 001 00103 Writing Fellows Seminar                                        
LAW 500 002 00138 Writing Fellows Seminar                                        
LAW 500 003 00200 Writing Fellows Seminar                                        
LAW 510 001 00054 Scholarly Writing        S        0900AM 1100AM                
LAW 511 001 00100 Law Journal Management                                         
LAW 512 W02 00206 Fed Cir Bar Journal-Wrt                                        
LAW 512 001 00097 Federal Cir Bar Journal  W        0500PM 0550PM                
LAW 512 002 00205 Federal Cir Bar Journal                                        
LAW 512 W01 00183 Fed Cir Bar Journal-Wrt                                        

Initial Course Assignments & New Course Descriptions: Fall 2000

Courses are sorted by the last name of the respective faculty member.
Click on a letter below to jump to that section of this page.


Please Note: Assignments and new course descriptions are provided by faculty on a voluntary basis for posting on the web. If your assignment is not listed, you are still responsible for checking the assignment bulletin boards in the Law School for your initial class assignment.

Many faculty members are using TWEN (The Westlaw Education Network) in their classes.

Most documents provided here are in Adobe Acrobat format. You need the Adobe Acrobat reader in order to view these documents.


Civil Procedure

Course information and initial assignment . (Adobe Acrobat format)
Additional materials available on TWEN.


Federal Courts, Law 226

Redish & Sherry, Federal Courts -- Cases, Comments and Questions (4th edition 1998) plus 1999 Supplement You will also need a student edition federal code and rules compilation that includes the Judicial Code (28 U.S.C.) and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Either the West 2000-2001 Educational Edition or the Foundation Press 2000 Students' Edition will suffice.

First assignment:
For Monday, August 21: Casebook 658-678(note 4) PLEASE NOTE: Although this is the first day of classes, I expect students to be fully prepared on August 21 for a normal full discussion of the materials assigned for this class. -R.A.A.

Course materials:
Tentative Syllabus. (Adobe Acrobat format) -- Revised 8-17-2000
Assignment list (through Sept. 20, 2000). (Adobe Acrobat format) -- Revised 8-30-2000
Assignment list for Sept 25 through Oct. 23 (Adobe Acrobat format)


Advanced Constitutional Law: The 14th Amendment, Law 477

Course materials available on TWEN.


Environmental Regulation I, Law 218

Class 1 An introduction to environmental concerns; The ecological perspective and its critics.
Nature Law and Society 3-13
Reitze, It is Time for a New Beginning
Matt Ridley, The Origins of Virtue, pages 211-246 (available from copy center)

Class 2 Environmental Justice
Revesz 116-133, 141-46 Questions 1-10, 15, 23-24
NLS 477-83 =20
Shintech: The Case
Payne, Green Redlining


Legal Research Writing & Analysis I

Course information is now on the web

Case text for first class . (Adobe Acrobat format)



Trusts & Estates, Law 330

Syllabus and first reading assignment . (Adobe Acrobat format)


Virginia Practice, Law 334

Read the first chapter and one third in the outline available at the bookstore.


International Trade Seminar, Law 434


August 24

WTO Annual Report (1998), Chapter 4, "Globalization and Trade," pp. 32-42, 48-50, and 56-59 -- ON RESERVE (Can also download from On WTO home page, click on "download Annual Reports," then click on 1998. Chapter 4 begins on page 32. Be careful in printing to get the correct pages.)

Trade Strategies for a New Era, Feketekuty (1998), pp.3-11 ON RESERVE

Optional: Open Markets Matter, OECD (1998), Chapter 7 -- Read this as well if you need a brief refresher on the WTO.


Domestic Relations, Law 212

Course Description:
The course is mainly focused on the economic analysis of key areas of family law. These key areas broadly comprise the formation of families, marriage, marital dissolution and the division of marital assets, cohabitation, issues connected with children, and contemporary directions in the reform of family law. We take a rational view of human family formation and make use of some ideas from related areas of economics of law such as contract. Cases will be discussed in class with guidance given as we go along.

Recommended reading and list of topics. (Adobe Acrobat format)

Course materials also available on TWEN.


Property, Law 104

Advanced Constitutional Law Seminar: Regulatory Takings, Law 409

NOTE: Materials for both courses available at:


The Digital Revolution: Legal and Economic Implications, Law 488

Overview and description (Adobe Acrobat format)

Course Description:
This course focuses on the implications of the digital revolution for government and governing, with an emphasis on legal issues, in three major sections. First, the course provides an historical overview of the relationship between economic and social institutions, on the one hand, and government and legal institutions on the other, with a focus on the relationship between the industrial revolution and the growth of what John Kenneth Galbraith called the "industrial state". Next it turns to the nature of the "digital revolution", the differences between the digital age and the industrial age and the implications for systems of law and governance. From this perspective, the course addresses specific current topics in the law of cyberspace, including privacy, restrictions on speech and economic regulation of telecommunications and the Internet.


Entitlement Programs: Law, Economics & Policy, Law 487

First Assignment: A New Deal for Social Security: Chapter 1-3
Flemming v. Nestor, 363 vs 603 (1960)

Course Description:
The course will examine social welfare and health policies. We will analyze the problems and possible reforms of Social Security, Medicare, and the welfare system. We will also discuss health policy problems and possible solutions.


Electronic Commerce and the Law of Advertising, Law 495

Course Syllabus and reading assignments online . (Adobe Acrobat format)

Genetski (and Salgado)

Computer Crime, Law 493

Course description and assignments . (Adobe Acrobat format)


Insurance Law, 242

Casebook: INSURANCE LAW AND REGULATION, 3d ed., edited by Kenneth S. Abraham

First assignment: in the Casebook: Read pages 1-4

Professional Responsibility, Law 298

Casebook: THE LAW AND ETHICS OF LAWYERING, 3d ed., edited by Hazard, Koniak and Cramton

First assignment: in the Casebook: Read pages 1-20; review p. 156, (elements for the tort of legal malpractice); and come to class prepared to analyze Spaulding v. Zimmerman.


Jurisprudence, Law 350

First Reading: Lon L. Fuller, The Case of the Speluncean Explorers, 112 Harv. L. Rev. 1851 (1999)

Course materials also available on TWEN.

Civil Procedure, Law 112

For first assignment, see:

Course materials also available on TWEN.


Torts, Law 110

First assignment and course preparation instructions . (Adobe Acrobat format)
Statement of purpose and overview of course content. (Adobe Acrobat format)

Course materials also available on TWEN.


Economic Foundations of Legal Studies, Law 108

Course outline and information . (Adobe Acrobat format)


Advanced Trial Advocacy, Law 331

Aug 21 - Introduction (Modern Trial Advocacy, pp. 1-43)


Litigation Theory, Law 205

See website for full details:


Tort Theory, Law 449

Course materials to be available on TWEN.


Patent Infringement, Law 288

10/8 Course Update: Contrary to the information provided in class on October 4, the final exam, scheduled for October 25 will be OPEN-BOOK. Any materials may be brought into the exam room.

For the first class (August 23, 6:00 PM, Room 348), please read pages 32-70 (Sections II E and F) of the course paper "Infringement Concepts" available at the Copy Center.


Also, please read and be prepared to present in class the following decisions:

  • Valmont Industries, Inc. v. Reinke Manufacturing, Co., Inc., 983 F.2d 1039, 25 USPQ2d 1451 (Fed. Cir. 1993)
  • Rodime PLC v. Seagate Technology, Inc., 174 F.3d 1294, 50 USPQ2d 1429 (Fed. Cir. 1999)
  • O.I. Corp. v. Dekmar Co., Inc., 115 F.3d 1576, 42 USPQ2d 1777 (Fed. Cir. 1997)
  • In re Caldwell 138 USPQ 243 (CCPA 1963)


Criminal Procedure, Law 206

Assignment for first class : Saltzburg & Capra, American Criminal Procedure: Cases and Commentary (6th ed. 2000) pp. 723-730 (Brewer v. Williams); 1-6 (what is a criminal case)

Don't worry about understanding the narrow legal question raised in Brewer -- was Officer Leaming's "interrogation" of Williams a violation of his 6th Amendment rights under Massiah v. United States. Focus on the facts of Brewer and ask yourself: is the result in this case (child murderer goes free as the result of a technical violation of law) "intolerable in any society which purports to call itself an organized society," (Burger, C.J., dissenting, p. 728), or have "[t]he dissenters . . . lost sight of the fundamental constitutional backbone of our criminal law. . . . [G]ood police work is something far different from catching the criminal at any price. It is equally important that the police, as guardians of the law, fulfill their responsibility to obey its commands scrupulously," (Marshall, J., concurring, p. 727)?

Assignment for second class: Saltzburg & Capra pp. 6-15 (incorporation and Duncan v. Louisiana); 32-42 (introduction to Fourth Amendment and Katz v. US)

Future Assignments: We will be covering the various applications of Katz the following week -- S&C pp. 42-77


Constitutional Law 121

All students in the evening section of Constitutional Law must register on the TWEN system, where a tentative syllabus for the semester is posted, and come to the first class prepared to discuss the assigned materials.

Tentative Syllabus (as of 8-20-2000). (Adobe Acrobat format)


Patent Law, Law 284

Syllabus (Adobe Acrobat format)


Comparative Law, 346

Syllabus and course description available (Adobe Acrobat format)

Course Description:
If we are to understand the effect of different legal rules, the obvious way to do this is to compare what happens in different legal systems with different legal rules. This course utilizes the analytical methods of law and economics for the understanding of different legal institutions in a comparative perspective. After a survey of the basic historical developments of the Western legal systems (from pre-Roman legal systems through the legal Renaissance, and Legal Humanism), this course considers the general features of foreign systems belonging to the Civil law tradition. The tradition includes all of the Continental European and Latin American countries. At least one third of the course focuses on selected problems of private law in civil and common law countries, comparing theoretical frameworks and judicial interpretive methods.


Evidence, Law 222

Initial assignments and course notes . (Adobe Acrobat format)
Course materials also available on TWEN.


Corporate Tax, Law 198

Course information and syllabus . (Adobe Acrobat format)


Business Associations, Law 172

The materials required this course are Ribstein & Letsou, Business Associations, 3d ed (1996), the Document Supplement and the 2000 Supplement, all published by Matthew Bender. These materials are available in the bookstore. I will post all notices and other materials concerning the class, including the Syllabus (which will be available soon), on my web page, The Syllabus will include assignments for the semester, rules for the course and other important information, and will be revised from time to time. All students must register on TWEN ( Only students registered on TWEN will receive email notices concerning the class.

First Week Casebook Assignments:
August 22: 1-20
August 24: Casebook Appendix (on corporate finance)

Salgado (and Genetski)

Computer Crime, Law 493

Course description and assignments . (Adobe Acrobat format)


Litigation and the Internet, Law 241

Course Description:
This course will explore issues arising in recent and ongoing litigation relating to the internet. Topics will include jurisdiction and venue; cybersquatting and domain name issues; internet libel and defamation; trade secret protection, including first amendment issues relating to publication of trade secrets on the internet; investigation and pursuit of hackers; spamming; the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act; the Virginia Computer Crimes Act; site usage liability, including liability for viruses; copyright and trademark issues arising from linking and framing; and privacy, including workplace, financial and health issues. The course will approach these issues primarily from the perspective of the practitioner who is asked by a client to obtain meaningful relief or protection.

Class Syllabus and Schedule


Communications Law 181

Syllabus and course description . (Adobe Acrobat format)

St. Landau

Trademark Law 327

Course outline and syllabus . (Adobe Acrobat format)


Separation of Powers, Law 373

Please read the following for the first day of class:

    Introduction and Background:

    • Montesquieu, The Spirit of the Laws, Book II (Cogan, Contexts of the Constitution, pp. 315-323)
    • The Federalist Nos. 47, 48, 51 (Cogan, Contexts of the Constitution, pp. 352-362)
    • Article II, The Constitution
    • Separation of Powers Law, Shane & Bruff, pp. 10-14; 14-23.

**Both Contexts of the Constitution and Separation of Powers Law are on reserve in the library at the circulation desk**

Course materials also available on TWEN.


Constitutional Law, Law 121

Introductory Information about the Course

Tentative Syllabus

Course materials also available on TWEN.


Trial Advocacy, Law 329

Please have pages 1-29 of Trial Techniques by Thomas A. Mauet, 5th edition, read before coming to first class.


Topics in Public Choice, Econ 895

Time and location: 10:30 -11:45 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, conference room at the Carow center.

Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 - 10:30 am Carow Hall, Rm. 5
Wednesday 9:00 - 10:30 am Arlington Campus, Rm. 433R (white bldg.)

Course Text: Constitutional Democracy by Mueller.

It is in the bookstore at the Fairfax campus. In addition some as yet unpublished of papers will be distributed to the students. In general the class will discuss an assigned part of the text or the papers, which have been distributed. There will be a mid-term exam on October 17th and a final. Students who prefer may submit a term paper instead of taking the exams. Risk averse students may choose to take the exam and submit a term paper.

The purpose of this course is understanding public choice, including most recent developments.


Aviation Law, 151

Initial course syllabus (Adobe Acrobat format)
Course materials also available on TWEN.

There is no reading assignment before our first class. Please pick up the materials at the Copy Center. They should be available to you on Thursday. The materials consist of a selected compilation of aviation laws, which will be used throughout the course, and a few documents relating to international conventions and bilateral agreements, which will be discussed during our first two classes.

The Chicago Convention and the "Two Freedoms Agreement," as well as the Model U.S. Open Skies Agreement, will be required reading for August 28.

Please make sure you are on the West TWEN system, so that you can access the course syllabus and a memorandum I wrote on August 15 concerning the first class.


Interpreting Legal Texts, Law 492

Course Description:
This seminar will examine four general topics: principles of contract interpretation; principles of statutory construction; application of techniques from literary criticism to legal texts; and issues in the philosophy of language. The aim of the seminar will be to explore the relationships between traditional principles of legal interpretation and contemporary theories of linguistic interpretation. In addition to case law, the readings will be Levinson and Mailloux, Interpreting Law and Literature, and Baghramian, Modern Philosophy of Language. No background in philosophy is required. No exam.


Secured Finance, Law 332

Course information . (Adobe Acrobat format)

Readings: Casebook pages 1-15; Hornbook pages 709-716.
LECTURE TWO - Attachment and Perfection (8/24)
Readings: Casebook pages 15-47; Hornbook pages 747-798.