Section ID   No.  Title                   Days       Course Times   Instructor
LAW 094 003 00023 Intro to Lgl Res,Writ &  F        0600PM 0800PM                
LAW 094 W01 00155 Intro to LRW - Writing                                         
LAW 094 W02 00154 Intro to LRW - Writing                                         
LAW 094 001 00021 Intro to Lgl Res,Writ &  F        0600PM 0800PM                
LAW 094 002 00022 Intro to Lgl Res,Writ &  F        0800PM 1000PM                
LAW 096 W01 00156 Intro to LRWA - Writing                                        
LAW 096 W02 00157 Intro to LRWA - Writing                                        
LAW 096 001 00019 Intro to Lgl Res Writ &  F        1000AM 1200PM                
LAW 096 002 00020 Intro to Lgl Res Writ &  F        0200PM 0400PM                
LAW 098 W01 00195 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W02 00196 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W03 00197 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W04 00198 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W05 00199 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W06 00200 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W07 00201 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W08 00202 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W09 00203 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W10 00204 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W11 00205 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W12 00206 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W13 00207 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W14 00208 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W15 00209 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W16 00210 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 W17 00211 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                          
LAW 098 001 00037 Appellate Writing        F        0800AM 1000AM DONOHUE, D J   
LAW 098 002 00038 Appellate Writing        F        1200PM 0200PM GIFFIN, J M    
LAW 098 003 00121 Appellate Writing        F        0600PM 0800PM SKELTON, M     
LAW 098 004 00122 Appellate Writing        F        0800PM 1000PM SINGER, ERIC   
LAW 098 005 00141 Appellate Writing        F        0800AM 1000AM DORHOFFER,     
LAW 098 006 00142 Appellate Writing        F        0800AM 1000AM LANDRITH, G    
LAW 098 007 00143 Appellate Writing        F        0800AM 1000AM NG, WILLIAM    
LAW 098 008 00144 Appellate Writing        F        1200PM 0200PM EISENSTADT, E  
LAW 098 009 00145 Appellate Writing        F        1200PM 0200PM HUGULEY, K K   
LAW 098 010 00146 Appellate Writing        F        1200PM 0200PM MCCABE, J      
LAW 098 011 00147 Appellate Writing        F        1200PM 0200PM NAGATA, B      
LAW 098 012 00148 Appellate Writing        F        0600PM 0755PM NAGATA, B      
LAW 098 013 00149 Appellate Writing        F        0600PM 0755PM FRANCIS, ANNA  
LAW 098 014 00150 Appellate Writing        F        0600PM 0800PM WILKINSON, R   
LAW 098 015 00151 Appellate Writing        F        0600PM 0800PM LOVE,          
LAW 098 016 00152 Appellate Writing        F        0600PM 0800PM LEMLEY, CHARLES
LAW 098 017 00153 Appellate Writing        F        0800PM 1000PM WEXTON, J      
LAW 102 001 00011 Contracts I              MW       0200PM 0315PM BYRNE, J E     
LAW 102 002 00012 Contracts I              MW       0615PM 0730PM BYRNE, J E     
LAW 104 001 00015 Property                 MW       1000AM 1150AM EAGLE, S J     
LAW 108 001 00014 Econ Fdtns - Lgl Studies TR       0200PM 0315PM IPPOLITO, R    
LAW 108 002 00013 Econ Fdtns - Lgl Studies TR       0615PM 0730PM IPPOLITO, R    
LAW 110 001 00016 Torts I                  TR       1000AM 1115AM GRADY, M       
LAW 110 002 00017 Torts I                  TR       0930AM 1045AM KRAUSS, M I    
LAW 110 003 00018 Torts I                  MW       0800PM 0915PM HASNAS, J H    
LAW 112 001 00049 Civil Procedure          TR       0800PM 0950PM ABRAMOWICZ,    
LAW 121 001 00028 Constitutional Law       TR       1000AM 1150AM ROTUNDA,       
LAW 121 002 00050 Constitutional Law       TR       0600PM 0750PM LUND, N R      
LAW 151 001 00058 Aviation Law             M        0800PM 0950PM WALDEN, G S    
LAW 160 001 00047 Appellate Practice       T        0600PM 0750PM NEY,           
LAW 167 001 00101 Bankruptcy               TR       0400PM 0515PM ZYWICKI, T J   
LAW 172 001 00026 Business Associations    MW       0200PM 0350PM JOHNSEN, D B   
LAW 172 002 00048 Business Associations    MW       0600PM 0750PM JOHNSEN, D B   
LAW 179 001 00110 Legal Clinic                                    KLEIN,         
LAW 181 001 00027 Communications Law       TR       0200PM 0315PM SOCKETT, LISA  
LAW 181 002 00094 Communications Law       MW       0800PM 0915PM BERRESFORD, J W
LAW 194 001 00095 Corporate Acquisitions                                         
LAW 205 W01 00193 Lit & Disp Res Theo-Wrt                                        
LAW 205 001 00069 Lit & Dispute Res Theory TR       0615PM 0730PM PARKER, J S    
LAW 206 001 00077 Criminal Procedure       TR       1000AM 1115AM O'NEILL, M     
LAW 206 002 00085 Criminal Procedure       MW       0800PM 0915PM LERNER, C      
LAW 207 001 00045 Advanced Criminal Proced W        0800PM 0950PM THACHER, J C   
LAW 210 001 00078 Employment Discrim Law   TR       0200PM 0315PM LEWIS,         
LAW 212 001 00062 Domestic Relations       MW       0615PM 0730PM SMITH, D       
LAW 213 001 00109 European Union Law       W        0800PM 0950PM                
LAW 218 001 00127 Environ Reg I                                                  
LAW 219 001 00031 Estate & Gift Tax        MW       0430PM 0545PM WARD, R E      
LAW 222 001 00030 Evidence & Trial Proced  TR       0200PM 0315PM PARKER, J S    
LAW 222 002 00063 Evidence & Trial Proced  TR       0800PM 0915PM FERNANDEZ,     
LAW 226 001 00088 Federal Courts           TR       0400PM 0515PM ANTHONY, R A   
LAW 226 002 00092 Federal Courts           TR       0800PM 0915PM ALLEN,         
LAW 228 W01 00218 Fed Budget Law-Writing                                         
LAW 228 001 00131 Federal Budget Law       R        0800PM 0950PM                
LAW 231 001 00064 Government Contracts     T        0800PM 0950PM SMITH, L A     
LAW 232 001 00160 Supervised Research                             RIBSTEIN, L E  
LAW 234 001 00118 First Amend:Relig Clause MW       1030AM 1145AM VOLOKH,        
LAW 236 001 00033 Income Tax               MW       1000AM 1150AM LEDERMAN NEWTON
LAW 236 002 00065 Income Tax               TR       0800PM 0950PM CHORVAT, T R   
LAW 238 W01 00135 Ind Study - Writing                             PARISI, F      
LAW 238 W06 00163 Ind Study - Writing                                            
LAW 238 001 00134 Independent Study                               PARISI, F      
LAW 238 002 00139 Independent Study                               MOORE, K       
LAW 238 003 00140 Independent Study                               O'NEILL, M     
LAW 238 004 00158 Independent Study                               SMITH, L A     
LAW 238 005 00161 Independent Study                               ABRAMOWICZ, M  
LAW 238 006 00162 Independent Study                               PARISI, F      
LAW 238 007 00164 Independent Study                               KOBAYASHI, B H 
LAW 238 008 00165 Independent Study                               ZYWICKI, T J   
LAW 238 009 00212 Independent Study                               CAVANAUGH, J M 
LAW 238 010 00214 Independent Study                               LOVE, M F      
LAW 238 011 00215 Independent Study                               BYRNE, J E     
LAW 238 012 00220 Independent Study                               MOORE, K       
LAW 242 W01 00221 Insurance Law - Writing                                        
LAW 242 001 00034 Insurance Law            R        0400PM 0550PM ABRAMOWICZ,    
LAW 245 001 00067 Intl Commercial Transact M        0800PM 0950PM CAVANAUGH, J M 
LAW 248 001 00068 International Law        MW       0615PM 0730PM HOLLIS, D B    
LAW 249 001 00066 Int'l Bus Econ and Law   W        0600PM 0750PM COHEN, L R     
LAW 250 001 00119 International Taxation   TR       0400PM 0515PM CHORVAT, T R   
LAW 251 W01 00173 Int'l Trk Thesis-Writing                                       
LAW 251 001 00111 International Trk Thesis                        PARISI, F      
LAW 262 001 00219 Law Review                                                     
LAW 269 W01 00174 Law Language/Eth-Wrt                                           
LAW 269 001 00106 Law Lang & Ethics        W        0400PM 0550PM GILLESPIE, N C 
LAW 271 W01 00177 Lit Track Thesis-Writing                                       
LAW 271 001 00112 Litigation Track Thesis                         PARKER, J S    
LAW 272 001 00120 Local Government Law                                           
LAW 277 W01 00175 Lgl Clin-Ment Ill-Wrt                                          
LAW 277 001 00079 Lgl Clin-Mental Illness  W        1000AM 1230PM DAVOLI, J I    
LAW 279 W01 00222 Mediation                                                      
LAW 279 001 00125 Mediation                T        0200PM 0350PM DUBESTER, E    
LAW 283 W02 00192 Lgl Clin-Public Int-Wrt                                        
LAW 283 002 00053 Legal Clinic-Public Int  TR       0600PM 0715PM KAMENAR,       
LAW 283 001 00035 Legal Clinic-Public Int  TR       1030AM 1145AM KAMENAR,       
LAW 284 001 00039 Patent Law I             M        0200PM 0350PM MOORE, K       
LAW 284 002 00054 Patent Law I             M        0600PM 0750PM MOORE, K       
LAW 285 001 00072 Patent Infringe/Remedies W        0600PM 0750PM MEYERS, G      
LAW 286 W01 00194 Pat Lic & Know-How - Wrt                                       
LAW 286 001 00071 Patent Lic & Know-How    R        0600PM 0750PM O'REILLY, D P  
LAW 288 001 00084 Patent Infringement                             LAZAR, D S     
LAW 289 001 00098 Perspctves on Regulation R        0600PM 0750PM SUTHERLAND,    
LAW 294 001 00107 Patent Prosecution       R        0400PM 0550PM RAY/BEASTON    
LAW 296 W01 00178 Products Liability-Wrt                                         
LAW 296 001 00113 Products Liability       MW       0400PM 0515PM BERNSTEIN, D E 
LAW 297 001 00126 Lgl Clinic-Telemedicine                         WATERS,        
LAW 297 002 00213 Lgl Clinic-Telemedicine                                        
LAW 298 001 00040 Professional Responsibil F        1000AM 1150AM GILLESPIE, N C 
LAW 298 002 00073 Professional Responsibil W        0800PM 0950PM GILLESPIE, N C 
LAW 306 001 00129 Protecting IP-Internet   R        0800PM 0950PM LUPO,          
LAW 310 001 00055 Regulation/Food & Drugs                         MOREY, R S     
LAW 314 001 00075 Remedies                 MW       0800PM 0915PM SMITH, L A     
LAW 320 001 00042 Supervised Externship    R        1200PM 1250PM COSTELLO, J L  
LAW 321 001 00043 Supervised Externship    R        1200PM 1250PM COSTELLO, J L  
LAW 327 001 00104 Trademark Law            TR       0400PM 0515PM LOVE,          
LAW 327 002 00099 Trademark Law            MW       0800PM 0915PM LOVE,          
LAW 329 001 00082 Trial Advocacy           R        0600PM 0750PM SHERIDAN, P F  
LAW 329 002 00056 Trial Advocacy           M        0600PM 0750PM DAVIS,         
LAW 329 003 00100 Trial Advocacy           W        0600PM 0750PM WOOLDRIDGE JR.,
LAW 329 004 00132 Trial Advocacy           W        0200PM 0350PM DAVOLI, J I    
LAW 330 001 00105 Trusts & Estates         MW       0200PM 0315PM COHEN, L R     
LAW 330 002 00087 Trusts & Estates         MW       0615PM 0730PM WOODRUFF, L    
LAW 331 001 00046 Trial Advocacy(Advanced) M        0600PM 0750PM KLEIN,         
LAW 332 001 00074 Unfair Trade Practices   MW       0800PM 0915PM ABBOTT, A F    
LAW 334 001 00044 Virginia Practice        TR       0200PM 0315PM COSTELLO, J L  
LAW 334 002 00057 Virginia Practice        TR       0615PM 0730PM COSTELLO, J L  
LAW 345 001 00103 Scientific & Expert Evid T        0400PM 0550PM BERNSTEIN, D E 
LAW 346 W01 00168 Comparative Law-Writing                                        
LAW 346 W02 00185 Comparative Law-Writing                                        
LAW 346 001 00076 Comparative Law          TR       0400PM 0515PM PARISI, F      
LAW 346 002 00061 Comparative Law          TR       0800PM 0915PM PARISI, F      
LAW 348 W01 00184 Alt Disp Resol - Writing                                       
LAW 348 001 00123 Alt Dispute Resolution   R        0800PM 0950PM DUBESTER, E    
LAW 350 W02 00189 Jurisprudence - Writing                                        
LAW 350 002 00097 Jurisprudence            M        0600PM 0750PM BUCKLEY, F H   
LAW 350 001 00083 Jurisprudence            M        1000AM 1150AM BUCKLEY, F H   
LAW 353 001 00086 Tax Procedure            M        0600PM 0750PM LEDERMAN NEWTON
LAW 357 W01 00217 Mental Illness Lw-Wrt                                          
LAW 357 001 00070 Mental Illness Law       T        0600PM 0750PM TORREY, E      
LAW 361 001 00090 Internet & On-Line Law   R        1000AM 1150AM MCNAMARA, B M  
LAW 361 002 00091 Internet & On-Line Law   R        0600PM 0750PM MCNAMARA, B M  
LAW 370 001 00130 Venture Cap & the Law    W        0800PM 0950PM SAGAN          
LAW 372 001 00029 Current Const Iss Sem    R        0200PM 0350PM STARR, K W     
LAW 376 W01 00216 Civil Rights - Writing                                         
LAW 376 001 00060 Civil Rights             T        0600PM 0750PM LEWIS,         
LAW 401 W01 00183 Adv Admin Law Sem-Writ                                         
LAW 401 001 00093 Advance Admin Law Sem    M        0600PM 0750PM WOLFF,         
LAW 410 W01 00166 Adv Const Lw-Europ- Wrt                                        
LAW 410 001 00024 Adv Const Lw-Europ Persp MT       1000AM 1150AM SCHAEFER,      
LAW 414 W01 00182 White Collar Cr Sem-Wrt                                        
LAW 414 001 00108 White Collar Crime Sem   W        0400PM 0550PM ROSENZWEIG,    
LAW 437 W01 00188 Fed Cir Prac Sem-Writing                                       
LAW 437 001 00096 Federal Cir Prac Sem     W        0600PM 0750PM WHEALAN,       
LAW 440 W01 00190 Lw & Public Pol-Writing                                        
LAW 440 001 00051 Law & Public Policy Sem  T        0600PM 0750PM ROBB, C        
LAW 443 001 00114 Regulatory Trk Thesis                           FERRARA, P     
LAW 445 W01 00179 Public Choice - Writing                                        
LAW 445 001 00080 Public Choice/Public     T                      TULLOCK, G     
LAW 448 W01 00172 Firearms Reg Sem-Writing                                       
LAW 448 001 00117 Firearms Reg Seminar     M        0400PM 0550PM VOLOKH         
LAW 449 W01 00181 Tort Theory Sem- Writing                                       
LAW 449 001 00081 Tort Theory Seminar      R        0400PM 0550PM KRAUSS, M I    
LAW 457 W01 00176 Legal Hist Sem-Writing                                         
LAW 457 001 00036 Legal History Seminar    T        0330PM 0550PM LIGGIO,        
LAW 473 W01 00180 Rule of Law Sem-Writing                                        
LAW 473 001 00041 Rule of Law Seminar      M        0330PM 0600PM ZYWICKI, T J   
LAW 477 W01 00167 Adv Con Lw:14th Amen-Wrt                                       
LAW 477 001 00025 Adv Const Lw Sem:14th Am TR       0200PM 0315PM BERKOWITZ, P   
LAW 483 W01 00191 Lgl Aspect-Bioethics-Wrt                                       
LAW 483 001 00052 Lgl Aspects-Bioethics    W        0600PM 0750PM HASNAS, J H    
LAW 493 001 00128 Computer Crime Seminar                                         
LAW 495 W01 00187 Elec Comm:Reg of Adv-Wrt                                       
LAW 495 001 00089 Electronic Commerce:     T        0800PM 0950PM FREEMAN,       
LAW 496 W01 00186 Cyberterr/Natl Sec-Writ                                        
LAW 496 001 00138 Cyber Terrorism & Nat'l  T        0600PM 0750PM MARSH          
LAW 499 W01 00169 Cybercrime Sem-Writing                                         
LAW 499 001 00102 Cybercrime Seminar       T        0400PM 0550PM O'NEILL, M     
LAW 500 001 00115 Writing Fellows Seminar                                        
LAW 500 002 00116 Writing Fellows Seminar                                        
LAW 510 001 00133 Scholarly Writing                                              
LAW 511 001 00124 Law Journal Management                                         
LAW 512 W01 00170 Fed Cir Bar Journal-Wrt                                        
LAW 512 W02 00171 Fed Cir Bar Journal-Wrt                                        
LAW 512 001 00032 Federal Cir Bar Journal  M        0500PM 0550PM                
LAW 512 002 00159 Federal Cir Bar Journal                                        

Initial Course Assignments & New Course Descriptions: Fall 2001

Courses are sorted by the last name of the respective facutly member.
Click on a letter below to jump to that section of this page.


Please Note: Assignments and new course descriptions are provided by faculty on a voluntary basis for posting on the web. If your assignment is not listed, you are still responsible for checking the assignment bulletin boards in the Law School for your initial class assignment.

Many faculty members are using TWEN (The Westlaw Education Network) in their classes.

Most documents provided here are in Adobe Acrobat format. You need the Adobe Acrobat reader in order to view these documents.



Civil Procedure (Law 112)

Course Materials PDF Document

Insurance Law (Law 242)

Course Materials PDF Document


Federal Courts (Law 226)

Course Syllabus and Materials PDF Document


Federal Courts (Law 226)

Course assignments through Oct. 23rd PDF Document

Course Syllabus PDF Document


Patent Prosecution (Law 294)

Course Description:
This course builds upon Patent Law I and II by providing an in depth analysis of the substantive and procedural law relating to the prosecution of patent applications in the Patent and Trademark Office. The course emphasizes various strategies for responding to office actions, avoiding and overcoming objections and rejections, and avoiding prosecution history estoppels arising under Supreme Court and Federal Circuit case law. The course stresses how patent prosecution affects the value of patents. Prerequisites: Patent Law I; Patent Law II.

Course Syllabus (as of 7-19-01) PDF Document

Course materials available on TWEN


Advanced Constitutional Law Seminar: 14th Amendment (Law 477)

Assignment for the first day of class:

Read Brown v. Board of Education and Bush v. Gore. These can be obtained on Lexis, Westlaw and other places. Below are links to the Cases on FindLaw.

Brown v. Board of Education, 347 U.S. 483 (1954)
Brown v. Board of Education, 349 U.S. 294 (1955)

Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. ____ (2000)


Products Liability (Law 296)

Course Syllabus PDF Document

Scientific and Expert Evidence (Law 345)

Course Syllabus PDF Document


Communications Law (Law 181)

Course Materials PDF Document


International Law (Law 248)

Course Syllabus and Materials PDF Document


Jurisprudence: Contract Theory (Law 350)

Course Syllabus PDF Document


Contracts I (Law 102)

Syllabus, Materials and Course Description PDF Document (updated 8/20/2001)

Initial Course Assignments (through Aug. 29) PDF Document

Projected Course Reading List (through November 28) PDF Document (updated 12/16/2001)


International Commercial Transactions (Law 245)

Course Syllabus PDF Document


Cyberterrorism and National Security Law (Law 496)

Course Syllabus and Materials PDF Document


Basic Income Taxation (Law 236)

Reading: Chapter 1, Items 1 & 2
Code Sections: §61, 62, 63

Reference to "Chapter" refers to the corresponding chapter in PROBLEMS AND MATERIALS IN FEDERAL INCOME TAXATION by Guerin and Postlewaite. Items in numbers refer to items in printed course materials available at the Print Services window, just inside the Law Library. Course Packet is now available.

International Taxation (Law 250)

Reading: Chapter 1, Items #6, 7
Problems: P.34 problems 1 and 2, and the problem on p.45.

Reference to "Chapter" refers to chapter in TAXATION of INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTIONS by Gustafson, Peroni and Pugh. Course Packet is now available at the Print Services window, just inside the Law Library.


Virginia Practice (Law 334)

First Assignment:
Read Chapter 1, Statutes and Rules.



Trial Advocacy (Law 329)

Course Syllabus PDF Document


Alternative Dispute Resolution (Law 348)

Textbook - DISPUTE RESOLUTION., Goldberg, Sander and Rogers (3rd Ed. 1999) (Aspen Law & Business, Pub.)

ASSIGNMENT For first class, Thursday, August 23, Read CH. 1, Introduction and Overview (pp. 1-13).

Mediation (Law 279)

Textbook - MEDIATION, Kovach (2nd Ed. 2000) (West Group)

ASSIGNMENT For first class, Tuesday, August 21, Read CH.1, Overview of the ADR Universe (pp. 1-22).


Property (Law 104)

Extensive materials are available on the course web site. Information about the URL and your username and password are contained in a letter to be mailed to all new students by the Admissions Office at the end of June. If you are not a new student but enrolled in the course, you may obtain this information at the Records Office.


Evidence (Law 222)

Students: Please note the syllabus for the Evidence course taught by Professor Fernandez is on TWEN.


Federal Budget Law (Law 228)

First Assignment:
For August 23rd
Allen Schick, The Federal Budget, Chapter 1 & 2


Electronic Commerce: Regulation of Advertising (Law 495)

Course Syllabus and Materials PDF Document (updated 8/27/2001)


Law, Language and Ethics (Law 269)

Course Description:
This is a course in legal and ethical decision-making in difficult cases. One of the most valuable skills a lawyer can have is the ability to make refined judgments in hard cases. We shall focus initially on cases and situations in which the applicable legal and ethical considerations pull in different directions. In resolving such cases, judges often say that they have to balance the conflicting considerations. We shall ask: (1) Are there any general guidelines to be used in resolving such cases? (2) How are weights assigned to the conflicting considerations? We shall also analyze the very common claim that courts often have to interpret the constitution, a statute or a contract in resolving a particular case. There are, as you know, numerous methods of interpreting the law. (3) How then can one choose the best or appropriate method in a particular case; and how does one resolve conflicts among them?

These issues are among the most difficult problems one encounters in analyzing the law and ethics. They are also the most nettlesome in legal practice. This course provides an opportunity to systematically explore and refine your sense of how to proceed in analyzing and resolving these issues.

Professional Responsibility (Law 298)

Casebook: THE LAW AND ETHICS OF LAWYERING, 3d ed., edited by Hazard, Koniak and Cramton

First assignment: in the Casebook: Read pages 1-20; review p. 156, (elements for the tort of legal malpractice); and come to class prepared to analyze Spaulding v. Zimmerman.


Torts (Law 110)

First Assignment:
Course Assignment for Tuesday, August 21: Chapter 1 of Cases and Materials on Torts, pages 1-18, up to and not including Ronald Coase, The Problem of Social Cost.


Legal Aspects of Bioethics (Law 483)

Course Syllabus and Description PDF Document

Course materials available on TWEN

First Assignment: Please register for the course TWEN page and read the Course Description posted on the Course Materials forum.

In addition, read:
Casebook (Areen), pp. 49-59 Course Packet, "Ethical Relativism" by W.T. Stace.

Torts (Law 110)

Course Requirements and Information PDF Document

Course materials available on TWEN


International Law (Law 248)

Course Syllabus and Materials PDF Document


Economic Foundations of Legal Studies (Law 108)

Syllabus and Course Materials PDF Document

Note: there have been several corrections to the text: Economics for Lawyers. Changes will be posted here periodically. All changes will be cumulative. Note the date of the last update below.

Vol. 1 Consolidated Corrections PDF Document (updated 11/06/2001)

Note: Volume 1 has been reprinted. The above corrections are to the reprinted volume and/or corrections to other materials. Corrections to the text & figures are now incorporated into a single, multi-page file. Each update is cumulative.

There are corrections to figures in the question sets as noted
Question Set:Figure No. -- Q1:F2, Q2:F1, Q3:F1, Q3:F2

Vol. 2 Corrections PDF Document (updated 11/27/2001)

Additional News Story

Federal Farm Subsidies Are Hardy Perennial
Despite Years of Criticism, House Legislation Would Perpetuate and Expand Crop Support Programs.
By John Lancaster - Washington Post Staff Writer. Tuesday, October 2, 2001; Page A06 -- involves subsidies, production quotas, etc.


Business Associations (Law 172)

Syllabus and Course Materials PDF Document (dated 8/5/2001)

Readings for August 22:
Theory of the Firm: Managerial Behavior, Agency Costs, and Ownership Structure PDF Document
The Incentive Effects of Soft Dollar Brokerage PDF Document


Legal Ethics (Law 298-001)

Course materials available on TWEN

Torts (Law 110)

For the first class read the Casebook, pp. 1-12 and the following problem: Is there any wrongful behavior that should not result in Tort liaiblity? Here are some examples of wrongful behavior some of you might not want to punish in Tort:

  • Mistreatment of one's own child?
  • Seduction of a married person?
  • Reneging on a promise?
  • Cruelly killing a wild animal?

If any of these instances, or others, should be exempt from Tort liability, why? Why shouldn't all wrongful acts be covered by tort?

Tort Theory Seminar (Law 449)

Register on TWEN site, and find readings for the first session on that site. Please complete these readings BEFORE our first class.


Patent Infringement (Law 288)

First Assignment:
For the first class (August 22, 6:00 PM, Room 224), please read pages 1-32 (Sections I and IIA-D) of the course paper "Infringement Concepts" available at the Copy Center.

Also, please read and be prepared to present in class the following decisions:

  • Markman v. Westview Instruments, Inc., 517 U.S. 370, 116 S.Ct. 1384, 38 USPQ 2d 1461 (1996)
  • and the earlier Fed. Cir. Decision, 52 f.3d 967, 34 USPQ2d 1321 (Fed. Cir. 1995)
  • Vitronics Corp. v. Conceptronic Inc., 90 F.3d 1576, 39 USPQ2d 1573 (Fed. Cir. 1996)


Criminal Procedure (Law 206)

First Assignment PDF Document


Office hours and contact information (applicable for both courses) PDF Document

Employment Discrimination (Law 210)

Course description and first six assignments PDF Document

Civil Rights (Law 486)

Course description and first six assignments PDF Document


Legal History Seminar (Law 457)

Course Syllabus PDF Document


Trademark Law (Law 327)

Course Materials Available on TWEN


Protecting IP in the Internet World (Law 306)

Course Description:
This course focuses on the protection of proprietary intellectual property ("IP") rights on the Internet. The course includes an overview of copyright and trademark law, criminal law, employment and corporate law, as well as privacy and advertising law, and an analysis of each area as it individually pertains to the realm of the Internet. Instructors will use hypotheticals based upon real-life cases and experiences. This course is intended as a supplement for those students who have a basic understanding of IP law and are interested in learning how to practically apply IP principles in cyberspace.


Constitutional Law (Law 121)

Course Syllabus PDF Document (updated 8/20/2001)

Course Announcement and Information

Course Materials Available on TWEN


Cyberterrorism and National Security Law (Law 496)

Course Syllabus and Materials PDF Document


Patent Law I (Law 284)

Course Syllabus and Materials PDF Document


Appellate Practice and Procedure (Law 160)

Course Syllabus Available PDF Document


Criminal Procedure (Law 206)

Course Syllabus and Materials on Prof. O'Neill's site

First Assignment:
American Criminal Procedure (5th ed), Saltzburg & Capra
Pages 1-30.


Cybercrime (Law 499)

Course Syllabus and Materials on Prof. O'Neill's site

First Assignment:
Dorothy E. Denning, Information Warfare and Security: Pages 203-258, 269-281
Lawrence Lessig, The Path of Cyberlaw, 104 Yale L. J. 1743 (1994)
Frank Easterbrook, Cyberspace and the Law of the Horse, 1996 U. Chi. Legal F. 207
White House Report on the Electronic Frontier


Comparative Law (Law 346)

Course Syllabus and Materials PDF Document


Evidence (Law 222)

Initial Assignments and Course Information PDF Document

Course materials available on TWEN


NOTE: The below assigments are for the two sections of the LRWA course, which are different for day and evening students. The initial assignment is for the first LRWA section to be held during orientation. The second assignmet is for the first day of classes on the 24th of August. Information about this was mailed to students by Law School Admissions.

Intro to Legal Research Writing & Analysis (Law 096) DAY CLASS

Initial Assignment PDF Document

Course materials available on TWEN

Intro to Legal Research Writing & Analysis (Law 094) EVENING CLASS

Initial Assignment PDF Document

Course materials available on TWEN


Patent Prosecution (Law 294)

Course Description:
This course builds upon Patent Law I and II by providing an in depth analysis of the substantive and procedural law relating to the prosecution of patent applications in the Patent and Trademark Office. The course emphasizes various strategies for responding to office actions, avoiding and overcoming objections and rejections, and avoiding prosecution history estoppels arising under Supreme Court and Federal Circuit case law. The course stresses how patent prosecution affects the value of patents. Prerequisites: Patent Law I; Patent Law II.

Course Syllabus (as of 7-19-01) PDF Document

Course materials available on TWEN


Law and Public Policy Seminar (Law 440)

Course Description:
A survey of the complex inter-relationships between public policy and the law. The course will examine topical global, national, and regional issues from both a decision-making and legal perspective, and provide the student unique insights in the process of translating the national will into legislation and executive orders.

Course materials available on TWEN


White Collar and Corporate Crime (Law 414)

First Assignment and Course Announcement PDF Document
Full Course Syllabus PDF Document


Constitutional Law (Law 121)

Class Announcement:
Announcement posted (11/07/2001) PDF Document

Assignment posted (10/16/2001) PDF Document

Initial Assignment:
For the first day of class, please read the U.S. Constitution (pp.xlv-lxvi), in Rotunda, Modern Constitutional Law (West Pub. Co., 6th ed. 2000). Also read section 1-1. After that, we will read the rest of Chapter 1, then Chapters 2, 3, 4, and related pages in the 2001 Supplement. Then we will decide what we will read next. For each class, please read about 20 pages beyond where we finished in the previous class. If you do that, you will often be ahead of the reading but never behind.


Advanced Constitutional Law, A European Perspective (Law 410)

Course Description: Contemporary Europe is characterized by economic and political integration and the ensuing legal and constitutional change. This course examines the interplay of the actors and the institutions of the European Community involved in what has become an increasingly rapid process.

This course will analyze the substantive nature of the European treaties, in particular the four basic freedoms, antitrust, and the European currency union from an economic and public policy perspective. Attention will be given to the most important directives of the European Commission and decisions of the European court of justice.

The course will also look into the discussion about the lack of democratic institutions and the tendencies towards excessive centralization at the European Union level and at the debates about the need for a European constitution following the accession of the Central and East European countries. The debate about centralized versus decentralized structures in the EU will be compared with American notions of Federalism.

Professor Dr. Hans-Bernd Schaefer is director of the Institute of Law and Economics at the University of Hamburg.


Family Law / Domestic Relations (Law 212)

Course materials available on TWEN


Communications Law (Law 181)

Course Syllabus and Materials PDF Document


Current Constitutional Issues (Law 372)

Course materials available on TWEN

Assignments 1 & 2 (August 23 and 30):

Cleveland School Choice Case


The following five items available in the copy center:

Supreme Court Docket 00-1751, Zelman v. Simmons-Harris

  1. Petition for a Writ of Certiorari
  2. Brief of Respondents Sue Gatton… in Opposition to Petitions for Writ of Certiorari
  3. Brief in Opposition for Respondents Doris Simmons-Harris, et al.
  4. Reply Brief in Support of Petition for a Writ of Certiorari
  5. Brief for the United States as Amicus Curiae

(Full docket online at Supreme Court web site)

Please also read (not in copy center):

Simmons-Harris v. Zelman, 234 F.3d 945 (6th Cir. 2000).

Course Information:
Class will meet on the following seven Thursdays, 2:00pm to 3:50 pm:

  • August 23
  • August 30
  • September 6
  • September 13
  • October 4
  • October 11
  • October 18


Mental Illness Law (Law 357)

Course Syllabus and Materials PDF Document


Perspectives on Regulation (Law 289)

Course Syllabus PDF Document


European Union Law (Law 213)

First Assignment:

  • Casebook (hardbound volume): Chapter 1, pages 1-21; Chapter 2, pages 22-49.
  • Supplement (blue softbound book): Pages 2-23.
  • Selected Documents (brown softbound book): TEU Treaty Preamble, Arts. A, B, C (Pages 148-149; and EC Treaty arts. 1-4 (Pages 5-10).
  • Nutshell Text Chapter 1, pages 1-30.


Mental Illness Law (Law 357)

Course Syllabus and Materials PDF Document


Legal Clinic: Telemedicine- Internet, Cyberspace and E-Health Law (Law 297)

Course Description:
Health care is one of the hottest topics on the Internet. Academic health centers, private physician groups and private firms are transforming the way patients obtain information and receive care. Doctors are now able to provide health care services to patients in remote locations via advanced communications technologies such as telemedicine and the Internet. Substantial press attention has been devoted to many high profile Internet ventures such as Dr., Healtheon, and WebMD . This clinic will examine how these technologies collide with existing forms of health care regulation. Issues to be examined include: professional licensure, medical device regulation, medical malpractice, fraud and abuse, corporate practice of medicine, advertising, as well as privacy and confidentiality of patient records. Students will have an opportunity to participate in legal and public policy research projects with the Center for Telemedicine Law and work with counsel at the law firm of Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin and Kahn actual projects within the health care forum.

Protecting IP in the Internet World (Law 306)

Course Description:
This course focuses on the protection of proprietary intellectual property ("IP") rights on the Internet. The course includes an overview of copyright and trademark law, criminal law, employment and corporate law, as well as privacy and advertising law, and an analysis of each area as it individually pertains to the realm of the Internet. Instructors will use hypotheticals based upon real-life cases and experiences. This course is intended as a supplement for those students who have a basic understanding of IP law and are interested in learning how to practically apply IP principles in cyberspace.


Firearms Regulation (Law 448)

Course Description:
This seminar focuses mostly on the criminological and policy arguments for and against gun control. This should be an interesting inquiry in its own right, but the deeper pedagogical goal is to familiarize students with how one can make arguments based on social science data -- something that people might find handy in many other areas of litigation, such as trademark law, employment law, and environmental law, and of course while lobbying or while making policy arguments to the public. Three of the class sessions will also deal with the constitutional questions, both under the federal constitution and the state constitutions.

Course packet can be picked at Print Services in the law school library. The course packet and TWEN page both have the first reading assignment.

Course materials available on TWEN

First Amendment: Religion Clauses (Law 234)

Course Description:
This class deals with the current law of the Free Exercise Clause and the Establishment Clause, and the policy arguments for and against it. There are no prerequisites.


Aviation Law (Law 151)

Course materials available on TWEN


Advanced Administrative Law Seminar (Law 401)

Course Description:
The first half of this course will review significant administrative law decisions from the past couple years.We will pay considerable attention to Whitman v. American Trucking Association, with respect to issues of cost/benefit analysis and the non-delegation doctrine, and United States v. Mead Corporation, with respect to when courts should defer to administrative agencies. The second half of the course will focus on writing a brief to the United States Supreme Court. The case for the briefing project will be based upon a currently pending Supreme Court case raising significant administrative law issues. The brief will make up a substantial portion of the course grade.


Trial Advocacy (Law 329)

Course Syllabus PDF Document