Section ID   No.  Title                   Days       Course Times   Instructor
LAW 097 W01 00186 LRW & A II - Writing                                           
LAW 097 W02 00187 LRW & A II - Writing                                           
LAW 097 W03 00188 LRW & A II - Writing                                           
LAW 097 W04 00189 LRW & A II - Writing                                           
LAW 097 004 00150 Lgl Rsch Writ & Anly II  F        0800PM 1000PM                
LAW 097 001 00147 Lgl Rsch Writ & Anly II  F        1000AM 1200PM                
LAW 097 002 00148 Lgl Rsch Writ & Anly II  F        0200PM 0400PM                
LAW 097 003 00149 Lgl Rsch Writ & Anly II  F        0600PM 0800PM                
LAW 099 W01 00190 Legal Drafting-Writing                                         
LAW 099 W02 00191 Legal Drafting-Writing                                         
LAW 099 W04 00193 Legal Drafting-Writing                                         
LAW 099 W05 00194 Legal Drafting-Writing                                         
LAW 099 W06 00195 Legal Drafting-Writing                                         
LAW 099 W07 00196 Legal Drafting-Writing                                         
LAW 099 W08 00197 Legal Drafting-Writing                                         
LAW 099 W09 00198 Legal Drafting-Writing                                         
LAW 099 W10 00199 Legal Drafting-Writing                                         
LAW 099 W11 00200 Legal Drafting-Writing                                         
LAW 099 W12 00201 Legal Drafting-Writing                                         
LAW 099 W13 00202 Legal Drafting-Writing                                         
LAW 099 W03 00192 Legal Drafting-Writing                                         
LAW 099 001 00034 Legal Drafting           F        0800AM 1000AM BUNN, B P      
LAW 099 002 00035 Legal Drafting           F        0800AM 1000AM COHEN, K       
LAW 099 003 00076 Legal Drafting           F        0800AM 1000AM LOVE, M        
LAW 099 004 00077 Legal Drafting           F        1200PM 0200PM MCGEE, E L     
LAW 099 005 00111 Legal Drafting           F        1200PM 0200PM LOVE,          
LAW 099 006 00112 Legal Drafting           F        1200PM 0200PM GIFFIN, J M    
LAW 099 007 00113 Legal Drafting           F        1200PM 0200PM ISENSTADT, E J 
LAW 099 008 00114 Legal Drafting           F        0630PM 0830PM LOVE,          
LAW 099 009 00115 Legal Drafting           F        0530PM 0730PM SKELTON, M     
LAW 099 010 00116 Legal Drafting           F        0800PM 1000PM DONOHUE, D J   
LAW 099 011 00117 Legal Drafting           F        0800PM 1000PM ROSSMAN IV, K F
LAW 099 012 00118 Legal Drafting           F        0800PM 1000PM MCSWEENEY,     
LAW 099 013 00152 Legal Drafting           F        0530PM 0730PM RICHARD, A     
LAW 100 001 00151 Lgl & Econ Research II                                         
LAW 101 001 00256 LRW & A I-II Practicum                                         
LAW 103 001 00019 Contracts II             TR       1030AM 1220PM BYRNE, J E     
LAW 103 002 00060 Contracts II             TR       0800PM 0950PM BYRNE, J E     
LAW 105 001 00038 Property II              MW       0145PM 0300PM EAGLE, S J     
LAW 105 002 00089 Property II              MW       0615PM 0730PM EAGLE, S J     
LAW 106 001 00022 Criminal Law             MW       1000AM 1115AM POLSBY, D      
LAW 106 002 00062 Criminal Law             TR       0615PM 0730PM O'NEILL, M     
LAW 107 001 00169 Teaching Law & Economics                        IPPOLITO, R    
LAW 109 001 00028 Jurisprudential Found-   T        0200PM 0350PM BERKOWITZ, P   
LAW 109 002 00071 Jurisprudential Found-   T        0600PM 0750PM BERKOWITZ, P   
LAW 116 001 00012 Administrative Law       MW       0345PM 0500PM ANTHONY, R A   
LAW 116 002 00051 Administrative Law       TR       0800PM 0915PM ABRAMOWICZ, M  
LAW 123 002 00107 Econ Found-Lgl Stdies II W        0800PM 0950PM IPPOLITO, R    
LAW 123 001 00104 Econ Found-Lgl Stdies II W        0400PM 0550PM IPPOLITO, R    
LAW 124 001 00155 LRW-Appellate Wrt-Honors F        1030AM 1220PM ISENSTADT, E J 
LAW 124 002 00156 LRW-Appellate Wrt-Honors F        0600PM 0750PM ISENSTADT, E J 
LAW 150 001 00014 Adv Lgl Res & Writing    F        0530PM 0620PM BLANTON, W J   
LAW 155 001 00052 Adv Const Law:First Amen W        0600PM 0750PM RANDOLPH, A R  
LAW 156 001 00015 Antitrust                MW       0200PM 0315PM LIEBELER, W J  
LAW 156 002 00054 Antitrust                MW       0615PM 0730PM LIEBELER, W J  
LAW 160 001 00011 Appellate Practice       M        0400PM 0550PM SMITH, L       
LAW 161 001 00064 Electronic Fin Services  M        0800PM 0950PM LEDIG, R H     
LAW 167 001 00016 Bankruptcy               TR       0200PM 0315PM ZYWICKI, T J   
LAW 167 002 00055 Bankruptcy               TR       0615PM 0730PM ZYWICKI, T J   
LAW 174 001 00056 Chemical Patent Practice W        0600PM 0750PM ZELANO, A J    
LAW 176 001 00057 Commercial Paper         MW       0600PM 0715PM KORDEK,        
LAW 179 001 00138 Legal Clinic                                    KLEIN,         
LAW 181 001 00017 Communications Law       TR       0430PM 0545PM SOCKETT,       
LAW 186 001 00018 Conflict of Laws         W        0930AM 1200PM O'HARA, E A    
LAW 186 002 00059 Conflict of Laws         TR       0600PM 0715PM LERNER, C      
LAW 191 001 00061 Copyrights               TR       0800PM 0915PM ROBERTS, W J   
LAW 194 W01 00251 Corp Acquis - Writing                                          
LAW 194 001 00020 Corporate Acquisitions   R        0400PM 0550PM LASH III, W H  
LAW 198 001 00021 Corporate Tax            MW       1030AM 1145AM LEDERMAN NEWTON
LAW 199 W01 00207 Lw/Order Cyber Space-Wrt                                       
LAW 199 001 00154 Lw & Order/Cyber Space   W        0600PM 0750PM ALLARD, N      
LAW 210 001 00120 Discrimin in Employment  T        0800PM 0950PM FERRARA, P     
LAW 212 001 00063 Domestic Relations       TR       0800PM 0915PM SMITH, D       
LAW 213 001 00124 European Union Law       M        0800PM 0950PM TERRILL        
LAW 214 001 00166 Disability Discrim Law   W        0800PM 0950PM                
LAW 215 001 00164 Federal Election Law     M        0800PM 0950PM                
LAW 220 001 00023 Estate Planning          MW       0430PM 0545PM WARD, R E      
LAW 222 001 00065 Evidence & Trial Proced  MW       0545PM 0700PM FERNANDEZ,     
LAW 226 001 00067 Federal Courts           MW       0600PM 0715PM STEARNS, M L   
LAW 228 001 00066 Federal Budget Law       R        0600PM 0750PM MURIS, T J     
LAW 235 001 00125 Immigration Law          MW       0800PM 0915PM DONOVAN, T L   
LAW 236 001 00025 Income Tax               MW       0145PM 0335PM LEDERMAN NEWTON
LAW 238 W02 00253 Ind Study - Writing                                            
LAW 238 W06 00252 Ind Study - Writing                                            
LAW 238 W12 00184 Ind Study - Writing                                            
LAW 238 W13 00243 Ind Study - Writing                             BERKOWITZ, P   
LAW 238 W15 00249 Ind Study - Writing                                            
LAW 238 001 00161 Independent Study                               BERNSTEIN, D E 
LAW 238 002 00162 Independent Study                               PARISI, F      
LAW 238 003 00165 Independent Study                               MOORE, K       
LAW 238 004 00168 Independent Study                               BLANTON, W J   
LAW 238 005 00170 Independent Study                               MOORE, K       
LAW 238 006 00171 Independent Study                               PARISI, F      
LAW 238 007 00172 Independent Study                               STARR, K W     
LAW 238 008 00173 Independent Study                               O'NEILL, M     
LAW 238 009 00177 Independent Study                               FERNANDEZ,     
LAW 238 010 00178 Independent Study                               WARD, R E      
LAW 238 011 00179 Independent Study                               KILE, B        
LAW 238 012 00182 Independent Study                               FERNANDEZ,     
LAW 238 013 00242 Independent Study                               BERKOWITZ, P   
LAW 238 014 00246 Independent Study                               BERNSTEIN, D E 
LAW 238 015 00248 Independent Study                               LASH III, W H  
LAW 238 016 00254 Ind Study-Constit Law                           SMITH, L A     
LAW 238 017 00255 Ind Study-Crim Procedure                        SMITH, L A     
LAW 242 W01 00223 Insurance Law - Writing                                        
LAW 242 001 00132 Insurance Law            R        0400PM 0550PM ABRAMOWICZ, M  
LAW 246 001 00069 International Finance                                          
LAW 247 W01 00258 Int Prot-Intel Prop-Writ                                       
LAW 247 001 00068 Int'l Protect-Intel Prop T        0600PM 0750PM MOSSINGHOFF, G 
LAW 248 W01 00250 International Lw-Writing                                       
LAW 248 001 00126 International Law        TR       0200PM 0315PM PARISI, F      
LAW 248 002 00143 International Law        M        0800PM 1030PM BRANCATO, G    
LAW 253 002 00134 Intl Trade Law & Regulat TR       0800PM 0915PM LASH III, W H  
LAW 253 001 00070 Intl Trade Law & Regulat TR       1000AM 1115AM                
LAW 256 001 00029 Labor Law                MW       0400PM 0515PM FORMAN, S B    
LAW 257 001 00026 Int'l Dispute Resolution R        0400PM 0550PM KEARNEY, J K   
LAW 262 001 00174 Law Review                                                     
LAW 262 002 00175 Law Review                                                     
LAW 262 003 00176 Law Review                                                     
LAW 266 001 00078 Legislation              T        0600PM 0750PM LUND, N R      
LAW 275 001 00072 Law of Investment Mgt    MW       0615PM 0730PM JOHNSEN, D B   
LAW 276 001 00073 Law,Science & Technology R        0800PM 0950PM NAKAYAMA, G Y  
LAW 277 W01 00227 Lgl Clin-Ment Ill-Wrt                                          
LAW 277 001 00122 Lgl Clin-Mental Illness  W        1000AM 1230PM DAVOLI, J I    
LAW 278 001 00244 Moot Court                                                     
LAW 281 W01 00211 Negotia w/Reg St-Writing                                       
LAW 281 001 00080 Negotia w/Regulat State  W        0800PM 0950PM MACRAE, J B    
LAW 282 W01 00231 Partnership Tax-Writing                                        
LAW 282 W02 00212 Partnership Tax-Writing                                        
LAW 282 001 00109 Ptnrship & Subchap S Tax TR       0200PM 0315PM CHORVAT, T R   
LAW 282 002 00081 Ptnrship & Subchap S Tax TR       0800PM 0915PM CHORVAT, T R   
LAW 283 W01 00228 Lgl Clin-Public Int-Wrt                                        
LAW 283 W02 00209 Lgl Clin-Public Int-Wrt                                        
LAW 283 001 00032 Legal Clinic-Public Int  TR       1030AM 1145AM KAMENAR,       
LAW 283 002 00075 Legal Clinic-Public Int  TR       0615PM 0730PM KAMENAR,       
LAW 287 001 00085 Pat Litig/Dispute Resol  T        0800PM 0950PM ROMARY, J      
LAW 291 001 00082 Patent Interf Law & Prac M        0800PM 0850PM OLEXY,         
LAW 292 001 00083 Patent Law II            F        0600PM 0750PM WITHERSPOON, J 
LAW 292 002 00160 Patent Law II            F        0200PM 0400PM WITHERSPOON, J 
LAW 295 001 00058 Commercial Real Estate   M        0600PM 0750PM CHRISTMAN, B L 
LAW 296 W01 00233 Products Liability-Wrt                                         
LAW 296 001 00128 Products Liability       T        0400PM 0550PM KRAUSS, M I    
LAW 298 001 00087 Professional Responsibil W        0800PM 0950PM GILLESPIE, N C 
LAW 299 001 00037 Proof                    T        1000AM 1150AM SCHUM, D A     
LAW 299 002 00088 Proof                    T        0600PM 0750PM SCHUM, D A     
LAW 301 001 00133 Quantitative Forensics   R        0800PM 1030PM KOBAYASHI, B H 
LAW 310 001 00041 Regulation/Food & Drugs  MW       0400PM 0515PM HOFFMAN, J E   
LAW 314 001 00091 Remedies                                        SMITH, L A     
LAW 315 001 00090 Regulated Industries     R        0600PM 0750PM FLIPPEN        
LAW 317 001 00042 Securities Law & Regulat TR       0400PM 0515PM GILLESPIE, N C 
LAW 317 002 00093 Securities Law & Regulat TR       0800PM 0915PM GILLESPIE, N C 
LAW 320 001 00045 Supervised Externship    R        1200PM 1250PM COSTELLO, J L  
LAW 321 001 00046 Supervised Externship    R        1200PM 1250PM COSTELLO, J L  
LAW 322 001 00092 Sec Fin & Insol I        MW       0800PM 0915PM                
LAW 327 001 00140 Trademark Law            MW       1030AM 1145AM LOVE,          
LAW 329 001 00048 Trial Advocacy           R        0600PM 0750PM SHERIDAN, P F  
LAW 329 002 00096 Trial Advocacy           M        0600PM 0750PM STIMSON        
LAW 329 003 00097 Trial Advocacy           T        0600PM 0750PM DAVIS,         
LAW 329 004 00131 Trial Advocacy           W        0600PM 0750PM WOOLDRIDGE JR. 
LAW 330 001 00098 Trusts & Estates         MW       0800PM 0915PM WOODRUFF, L    
LAW 331 001 00053 Trial Advocacy(Advanced) M        0600PM 0750PM KLEIN,         
LAW 333 001 00049 Virginia Remedies        TR       0400PM 0515PM COSTELLO, J L  
LAW 333 002 00110 Virginia Remedies        MW       0800PM 0915PM CUMMINGS,      
LAW 337 001 00050 White Collar Crime       MW       0400PM 0515PM HASNAS, J H    
LAW 339 W01 00216 Unincorporated Bus-Wrt                                         
LAW 339 001 00099 Unincorporated Business  M        0600PM 0750PM RIBSTEIN, L E  
LAW 347 001 00095 Trade Secrets Law        R        0615PM 0705PM HOSCHEIT, D H  
LAW 348 W01 00203 Alt Disp Resol - Writing                                       
LAW 348 001 00153 Alt Dispute Resolution   T        0400PM 0550PM DUBESTER, E    
LAW 351 W01 00213 Pat Writing Theory-Wrt                                         
LAW 351 001 00084 Pat Writ Theory & Prac   F        0600PM 0750PM KESSLER, E J   
LAW 352 001 00024 Fed Crim Lw & Sentencing R        0400PM 0550PM                
LAW 352 002 00102 Fed Crim Lw & Sentencing R        0600PM 0750PM                
LAW 356 001 00185 Federal Sentencing Law   R        0400PM 0550PM PARKER, J S    
LAW 356 002 00241 Federal Sentencing Law   R        0600PM 0750PM PARKER, J S    
LAW 357 W01 00210 Mental Illness Lw-Wrt                                          
LAW 357 001 00079 Mental Illness Law       T        0600PM 0750PM STAVIS, P F    
LAW 359 001 00044 State & Local Tax        T        0400PM 0550PM BRUNORI, D E   
LAW 362 001 00167 Lgl Clinic-Immigration                          Kishmir,       
LAW 364 001 00094 Statistics for Lawyers & R        0600PM 0750PM IPPOLITO, R    
LAW 366 W01 00234 Public Choice/Pub Lw-Wrt                                       
LAW 366 001 00039 Public Choice & Pub Law  T        0400PM 0550PM O'HARA, E A    
LAW 367 001 00121 Intellectual Property    MW       0800PM 0915PM SKERPON        
LAW 368 W01 00214 Pretrial Practice-Wrt                                          
LAW 368 001 00086 Pretrial Practice        W        0600PM 0750PM INGRAM, S A    
LAW 375 001 00105 Sports/Entertainment Law M        0400PM 0550PM CONWAY         
LAW 420 001 00141 Econ of Private Law Sem  T        0800PM 0950PM                
LAW 424 W01 00235 Readings-Lgl Tht-Writing                                       
LAW 424 001 00040 Readings Legal Thght Sem R        0400PM 0550PM GINSBURG, D H  
LAW 429 W01 00232 Persp on Indiv,Fam-Wrt                                         
LAW 429 001 00142 Persp on Indiv,Family, & R        0400PM 0550PM COHEN, L R     
LAW 435 W01 00224 Jurisprudence Sem - Writ                                       
LAW 435 001 00127 Jurisprudence Seminar    M        1000AM 1150AM KRAUSS, M I    
LAW 446 W01 00238 Tax Policy Sem-Writing                                         
LAW 446 001 00047 Tax Policy Seminar       W        0400PM 0550PM OCONNOR, E     
LAW 447 W01 00215 Problems-Corp Lw Sem-Wrt                                       
LAW 447 001 00129 Problems in Corp Law Sem T        0600PM 0750PM RIBSTEIN, L E  
LAW 451 W01 00239 Theory-Organiz Sem-Wrt                                         
LAW 451 001 00139 Theory-Organizations Sem T        0400PM 0550PM COHEN, L R     
LAW 455 W01 00217 Welfare Law Sem-Writing                                        
LAW 455 001 00101 Welfare Law & Policy Sem M        0800PM 0950PM CHASSMAN, D A  
LAW 457 W01 00229 Legal Hist Sem-Writing                                         
LAW 457 001 00033 Legal History Seminar    T        0400PM 0550PM LIGGIO,        
LAW 464 W01 00237 Small Bus Planning - Wrt                                       
LAW 464 001 00043 Small Bus Planning  Sem  M        0200PM 0350PM WARD, R E      
LAW 467 001 00013 Admin Litigation Sem                                           
LAW 472 W01 00226 Lw & Soc Science Sem-Wrt                                       
LAW 472 001 00031 Law & Social Science Sem M        0200PM 0350PM GOULD, J       
LAW 480 W02 00204 Antitrust Policy Sem-Wrt                                       
LAW 480 002 00136 Antitrust Policy Sem     R        0800PM 0950PM MURIS, T J     
LAW 482 W01 00225 Law & Econ Sem-Writing                                         
LAW 482 001 00030 Law & Economics Seminar  TR       1000AM 1115AM TULLOCK, G     
LAW 483 W01 00208 Lgl Aspect-Bioethics-Wrt                                       
LAW 483 001 00074 Lgl Aspects-Bioethics    M        0600PM 0750PM HASNAS, J H    
LAW 489 W01 00220 Biology of Crime-Wrt                                           
LAW 489 001 00103 Biology of Crime Sem     T        1000AM 1150AM O'NEILL, M     
LAW 490 W01 00240 Utility Dereg - Wrt                                            
LAW 490 001 00106 Utility Dereg Sem        F        1000AM 1150AM                
LAW 491 W01 00236 Second Amend Sem-Wrt                                           
LAW 491 001 00123 Second Amendment Sem     T        0200PM 0350PM LUND, N R      
LAW 496 W01 00205 Cyberterr/Natl Sec-Writ                                        
LAW 496 001 00108 Cyber Terrorism & Nat'l  T        0600PM 0750PM                
LAW 497 W01 00206 Emerging Lw-Internet-Wrt                                       
LAW 497 001 00130 Emerging Lw of Internet  T        0800PM 0950PM                
LAW 498 W01 00230 New Tech,Prop Rights-Wrt                                       
LAW 498 001 00135 New Tech, Prop Rights &  R        0200PM 0350PM                
LAW 500 W01 00218 Writing Fellows - Wrt                                          
LAW 500 W02 00219 Writing Fellows - Wrt                                          
LAW 500 001 00157 Writing Fellows Seminar  T        0515PM 0600PM                
LAW 500 002 00159 Writing Fellows Seminar  T        0515PM 0600PM                
LAW 500 003 00158 Writing Fellows Seminar                                        
LAW 511 001 00247 Law Journal Management                                         
LAW 512 W01 00221 Fed Cir Bar Journal-Wrt                                        
LAW 512 001 00144 Federal Cir Bar Journal  W                                     
LAW 512 002 00145 Federal Cir Bar Journal  W                                     
LAW 512 W02 00222 Fed Cir Bar Journal-Wrt                                        

Initial Course Assignments & New Course Descriptions: Spring 2001

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Please Note: Assignments and new course descriptions are provided by faculty on a voluntary basis for posting on the web. If your assignment is not listed, you are still responsible for checking the assignment bulletin boards in the Law School for your initial class assignment.

Many faculty members are using TWEN (The Westlaw Education Network) in their classes.

Most documents provided here are in Adobe Acrobat format. You need the Adobe Acrobat reader in order to view these documents.


Administrative Law (Law 116)

Syllabus PDF Document

Insurance Law (Law 242)

SyllabusPDF Document


Law of Disability Discrimination (Law 214)

First assignment and course description PDF Document


Law and Order in Cyberspace (Law 199)

Course description PDF Document

Course materials available on TWEN


Administrative Law (Law 116)

Class assignments: April 2nd - 23rd PDF Document Final Assignments for Semester

Class assignments: January 22 - March 28th PDF Document


Jurisprudential Foundations of Law (Law 109)

Course description and syllabus PDF Document

Blanton and Fernandez

Legal Research Writing & Analysis IV: Legal Drafting (Law 098)


Brody, Rutherford, Vietzen, Dernbach, Legal Drafting (Little, Brown 1994). Supplemental Reading Package which will be available from the GMU Copy Center later in the semester.


Week #1 (Class Meets 1/12/01).

Reading Prior to Class: Brody, Chapters 1 and 2; Chapter 7, pp. 321-329. Be prepared to complete Exercises 2-1 (p. 27), 2-2 (p. 32), 2-3(c-f) (p. 34), 7-1(a-b) (p. 326) and 7-2 (p. 329) in class.

Written Work Due: Outline of your expectations for both you and your Professor for LRWA IV. See page 8 of the text for an example of the type of outline you are to complete. The outline should be sufficient in scope and detail to serve as a rough outline of a contract between you and the LRWA program.

Brancato (and Hollis)

International Law (Law 248)

Syllabus and first assignment PDF Document


Contracts II (Law 103) - day & evening sections

SyllabusPDF Document

Assignments for First Week of ClassPDF Document


Welfare Law and Policy Seminar (Law 455)

SyllabusPDF Document

Materials for class are available in the Copy Center located in the Law School Library.

Chen (and Marsh)

Cyberterrorism and the Law (Law 496)

Course description PDF Document

Christman (and Dillings)

Commercial Real Estate Finance (Law 295)

Syllabus PDF Document


Virginia Remedies (Law 333) - day section

First Assignment: Chapter 1, Remedies: Cases and Materials.


Virginia Remedies (Law 333) - evening section

First Assignment: Chapter 1, Remedies: Cases and materials.


Trial Advocacy (Law 329)

Course schedule and syllabus PDF Document

Dillings (and Christman)

Commercial Real Estate Finance (Law 295)

Syllabus PDF Document


Alternative Dispute Resolution (Law 348)

First Assignment for students enrolled in Alternative Dispute Resolution with Chairman Ernest DuBester should read and be ready to discuss the first chapter of the text book assigned for this course, Dispute Resolution… (Goldberg).


Evidence (Law 222)


Evidence: Cases and Materials (Ninth Edition), Jon R. Waltz & Roger C. Park

Federal Rules of Evidence, available on Lexis -- although Appendix A of your book contains the FRE, the Rules were amended effective December 1, 2000, and your book does not contain the updates.

When a FRE is assigned, please look up the Rule on Lexis and familiarize yourself with ALL of the notes/history.


Read pp. 1-63 of the Casebook during the first two weeks of the semester. This assignment is relevant to class discussion, but will not be discussed on a page-by-page basis.

1/8/01 Class 1 CB 64-87; Questions 1 & 2 on pp. 86-87; FRE 401-403.

1/10/01 Class 2 CB 375-393; FRE 403-406.

Course materials available on TWEN


Discrimination in Employment (Law 210)

Reading assignment for Tuesday, January 9:

Zimmer, et al., Cases and materials on Employment Discrimination, pages 3-50

Reading assignment for Tuesday, January 23:

Zimmer, et al., Cases and materials on Employment Discrimination, pages 110 - 162

Reading assignment for Tuesday, January 30:

Zimmer, et al., Cases and materials on Employment Discrimination, pages 162-208

All classes meet in Appellate Moot Court Room


Economic Regulation of Business: Regulated Industries (Law 315)

Course description and assignments available PDF Document


Labor Law (Law 256)

General Information and Course DescriptionPDF Document
Course SyllabusPDF Document

Course materials available on TWEN


Professional Responsibility (Law 298) -evening section

Casebook: THE LAW AND ETHICS OF LAWYERING, 3d ed., edited by Hazard, Koniak and Cramton.

In the Casebook: Read pages 1-20, review p. 156 (elements for the tort of legal malpractice), and come to class prepared to analyze Spaulding v. Zimmerman.

Securities Law and Regulation (Law 317) - day & evening sections

Initial Reading Assignment: CASEBOOK: Securities Regulation 2d ed. Cox, Hillman and Langevoort.

In the Casebook: Read pages 1-31.


Readings in Legal Thought (Law 424)

Course materials available on TWEN
Assignment list PDF Document

Note: The first meeting of this seminar will be on Thursday, January 18. Student comments and questions on the first assignment are due by 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, January 16.

Students should check the assignment board on the 3rd floor of the law school if there are any questions about the readings.


Law and Social Science Seminar (Law 472)

First assignment:
Reading Assignment for January 8th is: Monahan and Walker, pages 1-29 and Huber, chapters 1 and 12.


Legal Aspects of Bioethics (Law 483)

First reading assignment:

Casebook (Areen), pp. 49-59
Course Packet, "Ethical Relativism" by W.T. Stace.

Course materials available on TWEN -- Students should register for TWEN as soon as possible and monitor it for announcements regarding the course.

White Collar Crime (Law 337)

First reading assignment:

Israel, Podgor, & Borman (Casebook) pp. 43-72.

Course materials available on TWEN


Regulation of Food and Drugs (Law 310)

Course descriptionPDF Document

First assignment and reading list PDF Document

Hollis (and Brancato)

International Law (Law 248)

Syllabus and first assignment PDF Document


Foundations of Legal and Economic Analysis II (Law 123)

Course description PDF Document

Legal and Economic Concepts II (Law 109)

Course description and outline PDF Document

Statistics for Lawyers and Policy Analysts (Law 364)

Course description and outline PDF Document


Appellate Writing - Honors (Law 124)

Course information: Our first class will meet on Friday, January 5, 10:30 a.m. morning section; 5:45 p.m. evening section, rooms TBA. (A makeup will be scheduled for those who have previously advised me that they cannot make the first class.) The course text is Clary, Advocacy on Appeal. For the first class please read pp. 3-9 and 27-46.


Law of Investment Management (Law 275)


January 8: Frankel & Kirsch, Investment Management Regulation, pp 3-19.

January 10: Frankel & Kirsch, Investment Management Regulation, pp 19-49.


Quantitative Forensics (Law 301)

Course materials available on TWEN.

See also: Prof. Kobayashi's home page

New Technology, Property Rights and Economics of Information Seminar (Law 498)

Course materials available on TWEN.



Jurisprudence Seminar (Law 435)

Course description and outline PDF Document

Course information also available on Prof. Krauss' home page.
Course materials available on TWEN

Products Liability (Law 296)

Course description and outline PDF Document

Course information also available on Prof. Krauss' home page.
Course materials available on TWEN


Emerging Law of Internet Privacy (Law 497)

Update: The assignment for Kroll, Emerging Law of Privacy, for March 27, 2001 is:

Ferguson v. City of Charleston, 2001 U.S. LEXIS 2460 (decided March 21, 2001)
(If you click on the title of the case and supply your Lexis ID, you will go directly to the case) -- Alternately, this case is available from Cornell's Legal Information Institute.

Update: Class information and reading update PDF Document (Feb. 13th update)

For the seminar's first meeting, Tuesday evening January 9, please read:

  • Olmstead v. United States, 277 U.S. 438 (1928), and
  • S. Warren and L.D. Brandeis, "The Right to Privacy," 4 Harvard Law Review 193 (1890).

The Warren and Brandeis article, and the Supreme Court's debate in Olmstead, are good examples of the "classical" formulation of the necessity, and the difficulty, of accomodating the claims of privacy within the common law and constitutional framework of U.S. law. I would like to use a discussion of the classical formulation as a means of introducing the issues with which the seminar will deal. - Stephen Kroll

Copies of the materials are on reserve in the library.


Legal & Economic Research II - JM Program Only (Law 100)

Sign up for Lexis Training: Week of January 16-22
Sign up for Westlaw Training: Week of January 23-29

Reading Assignments for January 12:

Le Clerq, Guide to Legal Writing Style, pages 113-136
This book should be in the bookstore by Wednesday, January 10


Corporate Tax (Law 198)

Syllabus and Course Description
Available on Prof. Lederman's home page

Income Tax (Law 236)

Syllabus and Course Description
Available on Prof. Lederman's home page



Banking and Electronic Financial Services Regulation (Law 161)

Course Syllabus PDF Document


Conflict of Laws (Law 186)

First Week Assignment:
For the first class, Tuesday, January 9, 2001, please pick up two short pieces outside the faculty offices on the third floor. (If you have difficulty finding them, ask Yen Kha, who sits outside the faculty offices on the third floor.) The first is Scott v. Emerson, 15 Mo. 577 (1852) and the second is Devon Spurgeon, Double Bind: Woman In Missouri Is a Man In Kansas, and Why, Wall Street Journal, July 7, 2000. Also read pages 2-13 in the casebook, Cramton, et. al., Conflict of Laws (West Publishing, 5th ed.).

For the second class, Thursday, January 11, the assignment is pages 14-38 from the casebook.


Antitrust Law (Law 156)

The casebook for this class is Sullivan & Hovenkamp, ANTITRUST LAW, POLICY AND PROCEDURE (4th Ed.). You may wish to purchase Bork, THE ANTITRUST PARADOX, and the West Nutshell book on Antitrust Law and Economics by Gellhorn & Kovacic.

Our first task will be to review some basic price theory, which will form the basis of our analysis of the antitrust cases. The basis of this review will be a handout on economic materials (which can be picked up on the fourth floor from my secretary, Alice Khan), pages 47-66 of the Casebook, and chapter 3 of the Nutshell.

You should also read pages 1-30 of the Casebook for background. Further assignments will be made in class.



Second Amendment Seminar (Law 491)

The assignment for the first class is: Joyce Lee Malcolm, To Keep and Bear Arms: The Origins of an Anglo-American Right chs. 1-7 (Harvard U. Press, 1994)

Legislation (Law 266)

Course Description and Tentative Syllabus PDF Document

Marsh (and Chen)

Cyberterrorism and the Law (Law 496)

Course description PDF Document

Course materials and syllabus available on Tech Center web page


Antitrust Policy Seminar (Law 480)

Course Description: Agreements among firms who buy from or sell to each other remain controversial in both antitrust law and industrial organization economics. Among these vertical agreements, those involving manufacturer control of distribution of its products are among the most controversial. We will explore different economic theories of vertical agreements and how those agreements are treated in antitrust court decisions. Class sessions will consider these issues; grades will be based on one paper, due at the end of the semester.


Federal Tax Policy - How We Fund Our Government (Law 446)

Course Description: This seminar will explore the history and current status of major policy issues affecting taxation in the U.S., including the progressive tax rate structure for individuals and businesses; the taxation of business activities at the entity level; the taxation of estates and capital gains; tax expenditures and the alternative minimum tax; the minimum wage; the impact of Federal tax policy on individual retirement savings, the health care industry, the competitiveness of U.S.-based multinational corporations, and more. We will also review the federal budget and tax legislative processes, and basic concepts in revenue estimating.

Course materials available on TWEN


Conflict of Laws (Law 186)

First assignment: For the first class, read pages 1-41 in the text (which has now come in at the bookstore).

Public Choice & Public Law (Law 366)

For the first class, read pages 3-72 in the text (Stearns).


Biology of Crime (Law 489)

Important Notice from Prof. O'Neill:
Our first class will be held on Thursday, January 11, 10-11:30 AM (instead of Tuesday), as I have a Sentencing Commission meeting I must attend.

The reading materials are now available in the library (at the front desk). I will be providing the reader for you at no cost (kind of a Christmas/Chanukah present). You will, however, need to purchase a copy of A Clockwork Orange, by Anthony Burgess. If it is not in your local bookstore, you can readily purchase it either through or

Criminal Law (Law 106)

Course Description PDF Document (updated Jan 17, 2001)

Important Notice from Prof. O'Neill:
Our first class will be held on Thursday, January 11, 6:15-7:30 PM as I have a Sentencing Commission meeting I must attend on Tuesday.

Our first reading assignment is in the Dressler text, pages 1-63 on the concept of wrongdoing and the theory of punishment.


Advanced Constitutional Law: First Amendment (Law 155)

First reading assignment: Shiffrin & Choper, The First Amendment (2d ed. 1996), pp. 2-23


Unincorporated Business (Law 339)

See Prof. Ribstein's web page for important course information
Course materials available on TWEN

Smith, Judge Dennis J.

Virginia Domestic Relations (Law 212)

Class assignments PDF Document - updated with assignments through February 15th.

Smith, Judge Loren

Federal Election Law (Law 215)

Course Description:
The law of politics is what election law is all about. From hanging chads to soft money Election Law will focus on the legal knowledge and skills an attorney needs to participate in the political process. Whether as a legal advisor, candidate or active campaign worker, the attorney will need to know something about the following: federal election law, including campaign finance reform; state rules and ballot access; rules governing media access; party structure and rules; and political action committees and their relationship to Congress and lobbying, as well as the rules governing labor union and corporate political activities.

The course will be taught by Judge Loren A. Smith of the United States Court of Federal Claims. Judge Smith served as general counsel of President Reagan's campaigns in 1976 and 1980 before joining the Reagan administration, and then being appointed to the bench. During Watergate, the real beginning of modern campaign reform, he served as an attorney for President Nixon, defending him against impeachment.


Communications Law (Law 181)

Adjunct Professor Lisa Sockett will be teaching Communications Law 181 in January. The course focuses on the laws and policies related to broadcast radio, broadcast television, cable, satellite, wireline telephony, and cellular telephony, as well as the relationship between these communications technologies and the Internet. The class will focus on how competition and convergence are affecting the regulatory regimes that have traditionally governed these services. Professor Sockett has worked in various jobs at the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration.


SyllabusPDF Document

Course materials available on TWEN


Mental Illness and the Law (Law 357)

Course materials available on TWEN


Federal Courts (Law 226)

Course description and materials PDF Document

Course syllabus PDF Document


Trial Advocacy (Law 329)

First Assignment:
Please purchase and read the following pages in "Trial Techniques" before our first class: pp. 1-29; 463-472; 61-84; 95-116; and sections 5.3; 5.6; 5.7; 5.9; 5.10; and 5.11.

Also, please buy a blank VHS videotape and bring to each class.

Finally, after the first two classes, every student MUST wear courtroom appropriate attire to each class.


European Union Law (Law 213)

First Assignment:

  • Casebook (hardbound volume): Ch.1 (pp.1-21); Ch. 2 (pp. 22-49).
  • Supplement (blue softbound book): pp. 2-23.
  • Selected Documents (brown softbound book): TEU Treaty Preamble, Arts. A, B, C (pp. 148-149); and EC Treaty arts. 1-4 (pp. 5-10).
  • Nutshell Text: Chapter 1 (pp. 1-30).


Small Business Planning Seminar (Law 464)

First Assignment:
Please prepare Sections I-III of the course materials for Monday, January 8, 2001.


Patent Law II (Law 292)

Students should pick up copies of two papers constituting the first day's reading assignment at the reception area of the third floor - room 308 - across from the Records Office. See Jane Barton, whose desk is in this area, if you have any questions.

The syllabus will be distributed at the first class session, i.e., on Friday, January 12. The casebook is the same as that used in Patent Law I.


Wills, Trusts & Estates (Law 330)

We will be approaching the study of Wills, Trusts, and Estates with an emphasis on Virginia law this spring. While our casebook is the standard Jesse Dukeminier and Stanley M. Johanson, Wills, Trusts, and Estates (6th ed. Aspen 2000), our statutory supplement is Vol. 9A of the Va. Code Ann. (Michie 1995 and Supp. 2000). We will also cover other sections of the Virginia Code as applicable. This course will give you the opportunity to learn and apply the specific laws of Virginia to Wills and Decedent's Estates.

Assignment for January 8 and January 10, 2001:

Dukeminier pp. 24 - 157.
Va. Code Ann. §§
64.1-1 through 64.1-12;
64.1-104.1 through 64.1-104.9;
64.1-188 through 64.1-196.

Course materials to be available on TWEN.


Trial Advocacy (Law 329)

Course Syllabus PDF Document


Bankruptcy (Law 167)

For the first day of class read Baird, Jackson and Adler, Chapter 1 (pages 1-19).