Section ID   No.  Title                   Days       Course Times   Instructor

LAW 096 W02 00193 Intro to LRWA - Writing                                           
LAW 096 W03 00228 Intro to LRWA - Writing                                           
LAW 096 W04 00229 Intro to LRWA - Writing                                           
LAW 096 W05 00230 Intro to LRWA - Writing                                           
LAW 096 001 00126 Intro to Lgl Res,Writ &  F        1100AM 0100PM                   
LAW 096 002 00127 Intro to Lgl Res,Writ &  F        0100PM 0300PM                   
LAW 096 003 00101 Intro to Lgl Res,Writ &  F        0600PM 0800PM                   
LAW 096 004 00102 Intro to Lgl Res,Writ &  F        0700PM 0900PM                   
LAW 096 005 00103 Intro to Lgl Res,Writ &  F                        LANDRITH, G C   
LAW 098 W01 00200 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                             
LAW 098 W02 00201 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                             
LAW 098 W03 00202 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                             
LAW 098 W04 00203 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                             
LAW 098 W05 00204 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                             
LAW 098 W06 00205 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                             
LAW 098 W07 00206 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                             
LAW 098 W08 00207 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                             
LAW 098 W09 00208 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                             
LAW 098 W10 00209 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                             
LAW 098 W11 00210 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                             
LAW 098 W12 00211 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                             
LAW 098 W13 00212 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                             
LAW 098 W14 00240 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                             
LAW 098 W15 00213 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                             
LAW 098 W16 00214 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                             
LAW 098 W17 00215 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                             
LAW 098 W18 00216 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                             
LAW 098 W19 00217 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                             
LAW 098 W20 00218 Appellate Writing-Wrt                                             
LAW 098 001 00132 Appellate Writing        F        0800AM 0950AM   LOVE, M F       
LAW 098 002 00133 Appellate Writing        F        1200PM 0200PM   NAGATA, B       
LAW 098 003 00130 Appellate Writing        F        0600PM 0800PM   SKELTON, M      
LAW 098 004 00131 Appellate Writing        F        0800PM 1000PM   DONOHUE, D      
LAW 098 005 00134 Appellate Writing        R        0800AM 0950AM   LAMOUREAUX, J   
LAW 098 006 00135 Appellate Writing        R        1200PM 0150PM   BIRKENSTOCK, J  
LAW 098 007 00162 Appellate Writing        R        0800AM 1000AM   MATHESON, A     
LAW 098 008 00163 Appellate Writing        R        0800AM 1000AM   KIM, PAUL       
LAW 098 009 00164 Appellate Writing        R        1200PM 0200PM   NAGATA, B       
LAW 098 010 00165 Appellate Writing        R        1200PM 0200PM   LENNIE, R       
LAW 098 011 00166 Appellate Writing        F        0800AM 1000AM   BURLEY, E       
LAW 098 012 00167 Appellate Writing        F        1200PM 0200PM   NG, WILLIAM     
LAW 098 013 00168 Appellate Writing        F        1200PM 0200PM   GIFFIN, J       
LAW 098 014 00169 Appellate Writing        F        1200PM 0200PM                   
LAW 098 015 00170 Appellate Writing        F        0600PM 0800PM   FRANCIS, A      
LAW 098 016 00171 Appellate Writing        F        0600PM 0800PM   BITNER, J       
LAW 098 017 00172 Appellate Writing        F        0600PM 0800PM   LEMLEY, C       
LAW 098 018 00173 Appellate Writing        F        0600PM 0800PM   SULLIVAN, A     
LAW 098 019 00174 Appellate Writing        F        0600PM 0800PM   DORHOFFER, A    
LAW 098 020 00175 Appellate Writing        F        0800PM 1000PM   BRAMNICK, A     
LAW 102 003 00082 Contracts I              MW       0615PM 0730PM   BOARDMAN, M E   
LAW 102 001 00020 Contracts I              MW       1030AM 1145AM   DAVIES, R E     
LAW 102 002 00021 Contracts I              MW       0300PM 0415PM   BOARDMAN, M E   
LAW 104 001 00055 Property                 MW       1030AM 1220PM   EAGLE, S J      
LAW 104 002 00056 Property                 MW       0300PM 0450PM   EAGLE, S J      
LAW 104 003 00057 Property                 TR       1000AM 1150AM   KOCHAN, D J     
LAW 104 004 00114 Property                 TR       0800PM 0950PM   KOCHAN, D J     
LAW 107 001 00156 Teaching LAW & Economics                                          
LAW 108 001 00026 Econ Fdtns - Lgl Studies TR       0300PM 0415PM   IPPOLITO, R     
LAW 108 002 00027 Econ Fdtns - Lgl Studies M        0130PM 0245PM   WILLIAMS, W E   
LAW 108 002 00027 Econ Fdtns - Lgl Studies W        0900AM 1015AM   WILLIAMS, W E   
LAW 108 003 00086 Econ Fdtns - Lgl Studies TR       0800PM 0915PM   IPPOLITO, R     
LAW 110 001 00067 Torts I                  TR       0830AM 0945AM   KRAUSS, M I     
LAW 110 002 00068 Torts I                  TR       0130PM 0245PM   KRAUSS, M I     
LAW 110 003 00119 Torts I                  TR       0615PM 0730PM   GRADY, M F      
LAW 121 001 00019 Constitutional LAW       TR       1000AM 1150AM   ROTUNDA, R D    
LAW 121 002 00081 Constitutional LAW       TR       0600PM 0750PM   LUND, N R       
LAW 151 001 00076 Aviation LAW             R        0400PM 0550PM   WALDEN, G S     
LAW 153 001 00140 Admiralty & Maritime LAW W        0800PM 0950PM   YOUNG, D M      
LAW 160 001 00075 Appellate Prac - Moot Ct T        1000AM 1150AM   ISENSTADT, E J  
LAW 160 002 00143 Appellate Practice       T        0600PM 0750PM   NEY, R T        
LAW 167 001 00014 Bankruptcy               MW       0400PM 0515PM   ZYWICKI, T J    
LAW 167 002 00077 Bankruptcy               MW       0615PM 0730PM   ZYWICKI, T J    
LAW 172 001 00016 Business Associations    MW       0200PM 0350PM   JOHNSEN, D B    
LAW 172 002 00078 Business Associations    MW       0600PM 0750PM   JOHNSEN, D B    
LAW 179 001 00044 Legal Clinic                                      KLEIN,          
LAW 180 001 00136 Compara Contract LAW     MT       0200PM 0350PM                   
LAW 181 001 00079 Communications LAW       MW       0800PM 0915PM   SOCKETT,        
LAW 190 001 00137 Contract Drafting                                                 
LAW 191 001 00161 Copyrights               MW       0600PM 0715PM                   
LAW 196 001 00144 Commercial Fraud         W        0400PM 0550PM   BYRNE, J E      
LAW 197 001 00036 Financial Theory         TR       0930AM 1045AM   KOBAYASHI, B H  
LAW 198 001 00022 Corporate Tax            MW       1030AM 1145AM   CHORVAT, T R    
LAW 198 002 00083 Corporate Tax            MW       0615PM 0730PM   CHORVAT, T R    
LAW 201 001 00145 Homeland Security & LAW                                           
LAW 205 W01 00232 Lit & Disp Res Theo-Wrt                                           
LAW 205 001 00105 Lit & Dispute Res Theory W        0800PM 1030PM   KOBAYASHI, B H  
LAW 206 001 00023 Criminal Procedure       TR       1000AM 1115AM   O'NEILL, M      
LAW 206 002 00084 Criminal Procedure       MW       0800PM 0915PM   LERNER, C S     
LAW 207 001 00073 Advanced Criminal Proced R        0800PM 0950PM   THACHER, J C    
LAW 212 001 00085 Domestic Relations       TR       0800PM 0915PM   SMITH, D J      
LAW 215 001 00093 Federal Election LAW     R        0600PM 0750PM                   
LAW 219 001 00031 Estate & Gift Tax        MW       0430PM 0545PM   WOODRUFF, L     
LAW 222 001 00030 Evidence & Trial Proced  TR       0400PM 0515PM   PARKER, J S     
LAW 222 002 00090 Evidence & Trial Proced  TR       0800PM 0915PM   PARKER, J S     
LAW 225 001 00088 Environ & Natural Res Re MW       0615PM 0730PM   WARREN,         
LAW 226 001 00035 Federal Courts           TR       0200PM 0315PM   STEARNS, M L    
LAW 226 002 00092 Federal Courts           TR       0800PM 0915PM   ALLEN,          
LAW 232 001 00152 Supervised Research                                               
LAW 236 001 00037 Income Tax               TR       0200PM 0350PM   CHORVAT, E A    
LAW 236 002 00094 Income Tax               TR       0600PM 0750PM   CHORVAT, E A    
LAW 238 W01 00151 Ind Study - Writing                                               
LAW 238 W13 00184 Ind Study - Writing                                               
LAW 238 001 00149 Independent Study                                 PARISI, F       
LAW 238 002 00154 Independent Study                                 O'NEILL, M      
LAW 238 003 00158 Independent Study                                 ABRAMOWICZ, M B 
LAW 238 004 00159 Independent Study                                 BOUDREAUX, K        
LAW 238 005 00160 Ind Stdy-Exp Econ &  LAW                                           
LAW 238 006 00176 Independent Study                                 LIEBELER, W     
LAW 238 007 00177 Independent Study                                 PRICE, A H      
LAW 238 008 00178 Independent Study                                 BERNSTEIN, D E  
LAW 238 010 00179 Independent Study                                 MOORE, K A      
LAW 238 011 00180 Independent Study                                 LOVE, M F       
LAW 238 012 00181 Independent Study                                 ROBB, C         
LAW 238 013 00183 Independent Study                                 PARISI, F       
LAW 238 014 00242 Independent Study                                 WOODRUFF, L     
LAW 238 015 00243 Independent Study                                 DAVOLI, J I     
LAW 242 001 00038 Insurance LAW            T        0400PM 0550PM   ABRAMOWICZ, M B 
LAW 244 001 00098 Int'l & Comparative IP   M        0800PM 0950PM   TRAMPOSCH, A G  
LAW 245 001 00097 Intl Commercial Transact M        0800PM 0950PM   CAVANAUGH, J M  
LAW 248 001 00099 International LAW        MW       0600PM 0715PM   BRANCATO,       
LAW 249 001 00096 Int'l Bus Econ and LAW   M        0600PM 0750PM   COHEN, L R      
LAW 251 W01 00191 Int'l Trk Thesis-Writing                                          
LAW 251 001 00040 International Trk Thesis                          PARISI, F       
LAW 262 001 00148 LAW Review                                                        
LAW 269 W01 00195 LAW Language/Eth-Wrt                                              
LAW 269 001 00043 LAW Lang & Ethics        R        0400PM 0550PM   GILLESPIE, N C  
LAW 271 W01 00199 Lit Track Thesis-Writing                                          
LAW 271 001 00049 Litigation Track Thesis                           PARKER, J S         
LAW 277 W01 00196 Lgl Clin-Ment Ill-Wrt                                                 
LAW 277 001 00045 Lgl Clin-Mental Illness  W        1000AM 1230PM   DAVOLI, J I     
LAW 278 001 00150 Moot Court                                                        
LAW 279 001 00050 Mediation                W        0900AM 1150AM   DUBESTER, E W   
LAW 279 W01 00219 Mediation - Writing                                                   
LAW 283 W01 00197 Lgl Clin-Public Int-Wrt                                               
LAW 283 W02 00231 Lgl Clin-Public Int-Wrt                                               
LAW 283 001 00046 Legal Clinic-Public Int  T        1000AM 1150AM   KAMENAR,            
LAW 283 002 00104 Legal Clinic-Public Int  T        0600PM 0750PM   KAMENAR,        
LAW 284 001 00051 Patent LAW I             M        0200PM 0350PM   MOORE, K A      
LAW 284 002 00110 Patent LAW I             M        0600PM 0750PM   MOORE, K A      
LAW 285 001 00109 Patent Infringe Remedies W        0600PM 0750PM   MEYERS, G       
LAW 286 W01 00234 Pat Lic & Know-How - Wrt                                          
LAW 286 001 00107 Patent Lic & Know-How    R        0600PM 0750PM   O'REILLY,       
LAW 288 001 00108 Patent Infringement                               LAZAR, D S      
LAW 289 001 00111 Perspctves on Regulation R        0600PM 0750PM   GRAMM,          
LAW 294 001 00052 Patent Prosecution       R        0400PM 0550PM   RAY, M B        
LAW 297 001 00047 Lgl Clinic-Telemedicine                           WATERS, R       
LAW 298 001 00053 Professional Responsibil F        1000AM 1150AM   GILLESPIE, N C  
LAW 298 002 00054 Professional Responsibil M        1000AM 1150AM   GREEN, M S      
LAW 298 003 00113 Professional Responsibil W        0800PM 0950PM   GILLESPIE, N C  
LAW 306 001 00115 Protecting IP-Internet   R        0800PM 0950PM                   
LAW 312 001 00060 Sales                    W        1000AM 1150AM   BYRNE, J E      
LAW 320 001 00065 Supervised Externship    R        1200PM 1250PM   COSTELLO, J L   
LAW 321 001 00066 Supervised Externship    R        1200PM 1250PM   COSTELLO, J L   
LAW 322 001 00147 Sec Fin & Insol I        MW       0800PM 0915PM   O'DONNELL, K    
LAW 327 001 00069 Trademark LAW            TR       0830AM 0945AM   LOVE, M F       
LAW 327 002 00120 Trademark LAW            T        0615PM 0730PM   LOVE, M F       
LAW 327 002 00120 Trademark LAW            R        0615PM 0730PM   LOVE, M F       
LAW 329 001 00070 Trial Advocacy           W        0600PM 0750PM   SHERIDAN, P F   
LAW 329 003 00122 Trial Advocacy           R        0600PM 0750PM   DAVIS,          
LAW 329 002 00121 Trial Advocacy           M        0600PM 0750PM   KLEIN,          
LAW 330 001 00071 Trusts & Estates         MW       0130PM 0245PM   COHEN, L R      
LAW 330 002 00123 Trusts & Estates         MW       0800PM 0915PM   COHEN, L R      
LAW 331 001 00012 Trial Advocacy(Advanced) R        0400PM 0550PM                   
LAW 331 002 00074 Trial Advocacy(Advanced) R        0600PM 0750PM   LEFFLER,        
LAW 332 001 00124 Unfair Trade Practices   MW       0800PM 0915PM   ABBOTT, A F     
LAW 334 001 00072 Virginia Practice        TR       0200PM 0315PM   COSTELLO, J L   
LAW 334 002 00125 Virginia Practice        TR       0615PM 0730PM   COSTELLO, J L   
LAW 345 001 00061 Scientific & Expert Evid MW       1030AM 1145AM   BERNSTEIN, D E  
LAW 346 W02 00226 Comparative Law-Writing                                           
LAW 346 002 00080 Comparative LAW          MW       0800PM 0915PM   PARISI, F       
LAW 350 W01 00194 Jurisprudence - Writing                                           
LAW 350 001 00042 Jurisprudence            T        1000AM 1150AM   GREEN, M S      
LAW 357 W01 00233 Mental Illness Lw-Wrt                                             
LAW 357 001 00106 Mental Illness LAW       T        0600PM 0750PM                   
LAW 361 001 00041 Internet & On-Line LAW   R        1000AM 1150AM   MCNAMARA, B M   
LAW 361 002 00100 Internet & On-Line LAW   R        0600PM 0750PM   MCNAMARA, B M   
LAW 367 001 00039 Intellectual Property    TR       0130PM 0245PM   ABRAMOWICZ, M B 
LAW 372 001 00024 Current Const Iss Sem    R        0400PM 0550PM   STARR, K W      
LAW 375 001 00139 Sports LAW               T        0400PM 0550PM   ZAVIAN, E       
LAW 401 W01 00185 Adv Admin LAW Sem-Writ                                            
LAW 401 001 00011 Advance Admin LAW Sem    M        0400PM 0550PM   GELLHORN, E     
LAW 408 001 00017 Adv Communication Lw Sem                                          
LAW 410 W01 00189 Europ Constit Sem - Wrt                                           
LAW 410 001 00029 European Constit Seminar MT       0400PM 0550PM   SCHAEFER, J B   
LAW 420 W01 00188 Econ of Priv Lw Sem-Wrt                                           
LAW 420 001 00028 Econ of Private 
LAW Sem  W        0400PM 0550PM   PARISI, F       
LAW 426 W01 00190 Homeland Sec & Law-Wrt                                            
LAW 426 001 00153 Homeland Sec & LAW Sem   R        0400PM 0550PM                   
LAW 440 001 00182 LAW & Public Policy Sem                                           
LAW 441 W01 00236 Sec Enforcement Sem-Wrt                                           
LAW 441 001 00146 Securities Enforc Sem    T        0800PM 0950PM   RYAN,           
LAW 443 W01 00221 Reg Track Thesis-Writing                                          
LAW 443 001 00059 Regulatory Trk Thesis                             POLSBY, D D     
LAW 445 W01 00220 Public Choice - Writing                                           
LAW 445 001 00058 Public Choice/Public     TR       1000AM 1115AM   TULLOCK, G          
LAW 447 W01 00235 Problems-Corp Lw Sem-Wrt                                          
LAW 447 001 00112 Problems in Corp LAW Sem                          BUCKLEY, F H    
LAW 449 W01 00239 Tort Theory Sem- Writing                                          
LAW 449 001 00118 Tort Theory Seminar      W        0600PM 0750PM   KRAUSS, M I     
LAW 456 001 00015 Bldg Exchange Instit &                                            
LAW 457 W01 00198 Legal Hist Sem-Writing                                            
LAW 457 001 00048 Legal History Seminar    T        0400PM 0550PM   LIGGIO,         
LAW 464 W01 00223 Small Bus Planning - Wrt                                          
LAW 464 001 00064 Small Bus Planning  Sem  W        0200PM 0350PM   WARD, R E       
LAW 479 W01 00222 Separation of Pwr -Wrt                                            
LAW 479 W02 00237 Separation of Pwr -Wrt                                            
LAW 479 001 00063 Separation of Powers Sem T        0200PM 0350PM   BERKOWITZ, P    
LAW 479 002 00116 Separation of Powers Sem T        0600PM 0750PM   BERKOWITZ, P    
LAW 480 W01 00186 Antitrust Policy Sem-Wrt                                          
LAW 480 001 00013 Antitrust Policy Sem     W        0200PM 0350PM   AVIRAM,         
LAW 495 W01 00227 Elec Comm:Reg of Adv-Wrt                                          
LAW 495 001 00087 Electronic Commerce:     T        0800PM 0950PM   FREEMAN, D R    
LAW 496 W01 00238 Tech Terr/Natl Sec-Writ                                           
LAW 496 001 00117 Tech Terrorism & Nat'l   T        0600PM 0750PM   CHEN, A G       
LAW 499 W01 00187 Cybercrime Sem-Writing                                            
LAW 499 001 00025 Cybercrime Seminar       T        0400PM 0550PM   O'NEILL, M      
LAW 500 W01 00224 Writing Fellows - Wrt                                             
LAW 500 W02 00225 Writing Fellows - Wrt                                             
LAW 500 001 00128 Writing Fellows Seminar                                           
LAW 500 002 00129 Writing Fellows Seminar                                           
LAW 510 001 00138 Scholarly Writing                                 ZABEL, M L      
LAW 512 001 00032 Federal Cir Bar Journal  M        0500PM 0600PM   MOORE, K A      
LAW 512 002 00033 Federal Cir Bar Journal  M        0500PM 0600PM   MOORE, K A      

Initial Course Assignments & New Course Descriptions: Fall 2002

Courses are sorted by the last name of the respective faculty member.
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Please Note: Assignments and new course descriptions are provided by faculty on a voluntary basis for posting on the web. If your assignment is not listed, you are still responsible for checking the assignment bulletin boards in the Law School for your initial class assignment.

Many faculty members are using TWEN (The Westlaw Education Network) in their classes.

Most documents provided here are in Adobe Acrobat format. You need the Adobe Acrobat reader in order to view these documents.


Insurance Law (Law 242)

Course Syllabus PDF Document

Intellectual Property (Law 367)

Course Syllabus PDF Document


Federal Courts (Law 229)

Course Syllabus PDF Document


Antitrust Policy (Law 480)

Course Materials on Prof. Aviram's website

(note: all previous assignment & syllabus materials are now on the noted course web site)

Course Description:
This seminar examines how antitrust addresses the 21st Century economy. Antitrust laws, many of which have been enacted in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, have been facing criticism as to their suitability in a "new economy". The adequacy of antitrust law depends, to a large degree, on the policy that guides it. In the seminar we will discuss how contemporary antitrust policy does (and how it should) accommodate today's economic realities.

The seminar will be composed of four parts. The first part will examine the role of antitrust laws in supporting a market-based economic system. We will identify conflicts and constraints that antitrust faces in its interaction with other laws. Armed with this understanding, the second and third parts will examine how antitrust policy deals with two issues that are increasingly common in the contemporary economy network effects and globalization. Finally, the fourth part will consist of student presentations, exploring specific topics (picked by each student) within the general issues discussed earlier in the seminar.

To benefit from the seminar, participants should have at least rudimentary understanding of antitrust law and economics. Therefore, participation in the seminar is open to students who have taken a course in antitrust law (Law 156), or by professor's permission to students with an equivalent informal background in antitrust law and economics.

Beaston / Ray

Patent Prosecution (Law 294)

Course Materials Available on TWEN


Separation of Powers Seminar (Law 479)

Course Syllabus PDF Document (updated 10/3/2002)

Course Description:
This course examines the constitutional allocation of power among the branches of the federal government. We will begin by exploring the Framers' aims in separating as well as connnecting and blending powers. Then we will consider legal issues surrounding executive encroachment on legislative power, congressional encroachment on executive power, and executive privilege and immunities. We will conclude with an examination of separation of powers issues that arose in connection to the Independent Counsel Statute and that are implicated in the current controversy about presidential nomination and senate confirmation of federal judges.


Scientific and Expert Evidence (Law 345)

Course Syllabus PDF Document

Course Materials Available on TWEN


Contracts (Law 102)

Required Texts:

Robert Scott & Jody Kraus, Contract Law and Theory (3d ed. 2002) ("Casebook").

Robert Scott & Jody Kraus, Contract Law and Theory, Secondary Materials (2002) ("Supplement").

Due to some sort of foul-up at the publisher, these books will not be available in the bookstore (or anywhere else) until late August or early September. But don't worry. The publisher will provide GMU with free photocopies - enough for everyone - of those portions of the books that we will need for the first few weeks of class. The photocopies will be in the bookstore on the shelves designated for the casebook. When the published versions of the casebook and supplement arrive in the bookstore, I will announce the good news in class.

First Assignment:

Read Chapter 1, Sections A, B, and, in C:1, Bailey v. West with accompanying notes and Leonard v. PepsiCo, Inc.

Where the Casebook asks you to read a section from the Restatement (Second) of Contracts, you will find the section in the Supplement.


International Law (Law 248)

Course Syllabus PDF Document


Problems Of Corporate Law (Law 447)

Course Description And SyllabusPDF Document


Commercial Fraud (Law 196)

Second Assignment PDF Document

Banca del Sempione v. Provident Bank of Maryland, unpublished decision of J. Fredrick Motz PDF Document

Change of Schedule and Assignment PDF Document

Notice Of Cancellation And Assignment PDF Document

Course Description and Overview PDF Document

Outline of Topics PDF Document

Sales (Law 312)

Schedule for Makeup Classes PDF Document

Course Syllabus PDF Document

Initial Assignment and Information PDF Document

In addition to the current text of the Uniform Commercial Code, students should print out and have available for class a copy of the current version of the draft revision of Articles 2 and 2A. It will be necessary to have them for all classes starting on the second actual class,Wednesday 4 September.
(Note: The text of Revised UCC Articles 2 and 2A are on reserve at the Library should you wish to photocopy them.)

They may be downloaded from:

Amendments to Uniform Commercial Code Article 2--Sales

Amendments to Uniform Commercial Code Article 2A--Leases


International Commercial Transactions (Law 245)

Initial Assignment:
Read Part 1, Chapters 1-3, of Folsom, Gordon & Spanogle text.

Course Syllabus PDF Document

Lecture I Materials PDF Document

Table Comparing UCC & INCOTERMS... PDF Document

United Nations Convention On Contracts For The International Sale Of Goods PDF Document

Lecture II Materials PDF Document

International Sale Contract PDF Document

Chorvat, Elizabeth

Federal Income Tax (Law 236)

First Assignment:
Fundamentals of Federal Income Tax Law, 4th edition, Popkin, chapters 1 and 2. Pull Blair v. Commissioner, 300 U.S. 5 (1937), and read the
case in its entirety.
(Note: This case is linked to an online version on FindLaw. It is also on Lexis, Westlaw & eslewhere.)

Course Materials Available on TWEN


Virginia Practice (Law 334) - Day & Evening

Initial Assignment:
Read Chapter 1 of the text book.

Three required purchases available as follows:

Vols. 2 and 11 of VA CODE at the Bookstore.

Course materials packet at the Copy Center.


Contracts (Law 102)

Course Information & Initial Course Assignments PDF Document


Trial Advocacy (Law 329)

Course Schedule PDF Document

Course Outline PDF Document

De Geest

Comparative Contract Law (Law 180)

Course Syllabus PDF Document

Contract Drafting (Law 190)

Course Syllabus PDF Document


Mediation (Law 279)

Initial Assignment:
For 8/21 read Ch. 1-Overview of ADR Universe(pp.1-22). The assigned textbook is "MEDIATION PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE" by Kimberlee Kovach (2nd Ed. 2000) (West Group).

Dudley / Gramm

Perspectives on Regulation (Law 289)

Course Syllabus PDF Document


Property (Law 104)

Course Information: Available on Prof. Eagle's Website


Electronic Commerce: Regulation of Advertising (Law 495)

Course Syllabus PDF Document


Advanced Administrative Law Seminar (Law 401)

Course Syllabus and Description PDF Document


Law, Language & Ethics (Law 269)

Course Description:
This is a Fall 2002 seminar on legal and ethical decision-making in difficult cases where the relevant legal and ethical considerations support conflicting conclusions. Judges often say that they have to balance the conflicting considerations to resolve such cases. We shall ask: (1) How are weights assigned to the conflicting considerations?, and (2) Are there any general guidelines to be used in resolving such cases? We shall also analyze the very common claim that courts have to interpret a statute, or a contractual or constitutional provision, in applying it to a particular case. There are, as you know, numerous methods of interpreting the law. We shall ask: (3) How does one choose among those methods the best or the most appropriate method in a particular case, and how does one resolve conflicts between those different methods of interpretation?

These issues are among the most difficult problems one encounters in studying the law and in ethics. They are also the most nettlesome in legal practice. One of the most valuable skills a lawyer can have is the ability to make refined judgments in such cases. This course provides an opportunity to systematically explore and refine your ability to analyze, evaluate and suppport your conclusions in such cases.

Professional Responsibility (Law 298)

Initial Reading Assignment:

Casebook: The Law and Ethics Of Lawyering, 3d ed., edited by Hazard, Konia k and Cramton

In the Casebook: Read pages 1-20, review p. 156 (elements for the tort of legal malpractice), and come to class prepared to analyze Spaulding v. Zimmerman.


Torts (Law 110)

Initial Assignment:
Read pp. 1-18 (up to Ronald Coase) in Chapter 1 of the case materials (Strict Liability vs. Negligence).

Note: The first assignment is being mailed to all who have registered for this course. Also, there is no textbook to purchase in the bookstore.

Dudley / Gramm

Perspectives on Regulation (Law 289)

Course Syllabus PDF Document


Jurisprudence (Law 350)

The reading for Jurisprudence will be a short discussion of positivism, available around a week before the first class on the webpage for the course. The webpage can be found at

Course Description:
An introductory course on the philosophy of law. The first half of the course will deal with the descriptive problem of what the law is. Is the law reducible to sociological facts � in particular power? Is it reducible to ethics? Is it something completely different � neither sociological nor ethical? Readings will consist of the classics in the field, including John Austin, H.L.A. Hart, Hans Kelsen, Ronald Dworkin and the American Legal Realists. The second half of the course will deal with normative problems of what the law ought to be. Should the law promote economic efficiency? Should it promote some other conception of justice? Special emphasis will be placed on economic and corrective justice accounts of tort law. Readings will consist of more recent discussions of these topics, including material by Richard Posner, Jules Coleman, Ernest Weinrib, Jeremy Waldron and David Brink.

Professional Responsibility (Law 298)

The reading for Prof. Green's section of Professional Responsibility will be Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr., Susan P. Koniak, & Roger C. Cramton, The Law and Ethics of Lawyering (3rd ed. 1999) pp. 1-20.
Students should also check the webpage for the course for more information. It can be found at


Economic Foundations of Legal Studies (Law 108)

Course Syllabus PDF Document

PLEASE NOTE: The textbook for this course is available on TWEN. You will receive your TWEN account on Saturday, August 17. If you want to read the first chapters before August 17, you can click on the links below. You will be prompted for a user name and password. This information is being mailed to you by the Admissions Office.

Reading Assignment for Week 1:
Chapter 1: Finding The Optimal Use of Limited Income PDF Document

See also: Economics for Lawyers, Vol. I: Introduction and Table of Contents PDF Document


Business Associations (Law 172)

Course Syllabus PDF Document

Initial Course Reading:
Uncertainty, Evolution, and Economic Theory. By Armen A. Alchian. 58 Journal of Political Economy 211
(note: this is a link to the article on JSTOR. If accessing from off-campus, enter your student ID# in order to proceed to the article, which you can download or print.)


Trial Advocacy (Law 329)

For the first class:
Read Modern Trial Advocacy text - pages 1-29


Financial Theory (Law 197)

Course Materials Available on TWEN -- Students should enroll in TWEN, read syllabus there, and read the assigned materials.

Litigation Theory (Law 205)

Course Materials Available on TWEN -- Students should enroll in TWEN, read syllabus there, and read the assigned materials.


Property (Law 104)

Course Syllabus PDF Document (posted 8/20/2002)

Note: These materials are for Section 3 (day) and Section 4 (Evening) for Property (Law 104).


Torts (Law 110)

Course Materials Available on TWEN -- students should register for this course on TWEN before the first class if possible.

Course Syllabus Information on Prof. Krauss' website -- Read the syllabus, including the problem at the end of the syllabus which will be discussed during the first class. pp. 1-12 of the casebook are required reading for the first class.

Torts Theory (Law 449)

Course Materials Available on TWEN -- Students should enroll in TWEN, read syllabus there, and read the first set of readings hotlinked there.


Patent Infringement (Law 288)

Initial Assignment:
For the first class (August 21, 6:00 PM, Room 224), please read pages 1-43 (Sections I and IIA-D) of the course paper "Infringement Concepts" available at the Copy Center.

Also, please read and be prepared to present in class the following decisions:
Markman v. Westview Instruments, Inc., 517 U.S. 370, 116 S.Ct. 1384, 38 USPQ 2d 1461 (1996) and the earlier Fed. Cir. Decision, 52 f.3d 967, 34 USPQ2d 1321 (Fed. Cir. 1995)
Wang Laboratories, Inc. v. America Online, Inc., 197 F.3d 1377, 53 USPQ2d 1161 (Fed. Cir. 1999)


Advanced Trial Advocacy (Law 331)

Course Syllabus PDF Document


Criminal Procedure (Law 206)

Initial Course Assignments PDF Document


Appellate Writing (Law 098) - All Sections

Course Materials Available on TWEN -- register for TWEN and check there for assignments and course information

Course Syllabus PDF Document (updated 8/12/2002)

Trademark Law (Law 327) - Day & Evening

Course Materials Available on TWEN -- register for TWEN and check there for assignments and course information


Constitutional Law (Law 121)

Course Materials Available on TWEN

Course Syllabus and Assignments PDF Document


Internet & On-Line Law (Law 361)

Course Syllabus PDF Document

Assignments 1, 2 & 3 PDF Document

Course Materials Available on TWEN


Patent Law I (Law 284)

Initial Assignment and Information PDF Document


Appellate Practice & Procedure (Law 160)

Course Information and Syllabus PDF Document


Patent and Know-How Licensing Seminar (Law 286)

Course Syllabus PDF Document


Evidence (Law 222)

Initial Course Assignment PDF Document

Course Materials Available on TWEN


Introduction to Legal Research, Writing & Analysis (Law 096) -- All Sections

Introductory Course Materials PDF Document

Ray / Beaston

Patent Prosecution (Law 294)

Course Materials Available on TWEN


Constitutional Law I (Law 121)

Sample Exam (Essay Only) PDF Document

Course Materials PDF Document (updated 9/17/2002)

Note on readings:
After finishing � 5-6 Executive Privilege (through p. 368), proceed to � 5-9 Apportionment and Removal Power (p. 386) and continue from there for the remainder of the semester.


Securities Enforcement Seminar (Law 441)

Course Outline and Initial Assignment PDF Document

Smith, Bradley

Federal Election Law (Law 215)

Course Syllabus PDF Document

Smith, Dennis

Domestic Relations (Law 212)

Initial Assignments and Course Information PDF Document


Communications Law (Law 181)

Course Description PDF Document

Updated Syllabus PDF Document (updated 8/15/2002)


Property (Law 104)

Note: Prof. Kochan will now be teaching this section of Property (Law 104). See above for the course syllabus (also linked here).


Current Constitutional Issues (Law 372)

Course Syllabus PDF Document

Course Materials Available on TWEN


Federal Courts (Law 226)

Required Texts: Peter Low and John C. Jeffries, Federal Courts and the Law of Federal-State Relations (4th edition 1998) and 2002 Supplement, and The Judicial Code and Rules of Procedure in the Federal Courts, Students= Edition 2002 Revision (Daniel J. Meltzer and David L. Shapiro eds.) (Please note that other current rules editions are also acceptable).

First Assignment:
For Tuesday, August 20, please read pages 2-19 in the Low and Jeffries casebook.


Advanced Criminal Procedure (Law 207)

First Assignment:
Review and be prepared to discuss the Criminal Process from the occurance of a crime through ALL of the steps to Conviction or Acquittal. There are numerous discussions of this process in the beginning of assorted Criminal Procedure Casebooks. Each student should be familiar with the SPECIFIC steps, a criminal defendant passes through from arrest to appeal. There will not be an assigned Casebook or Text. Written materials will be derived from each students legal research in preparation for each problem addressed in the course.


International & Comparative Intellectual Property (Law 244)

First Assignment:
Goldstein, International Intellectual Property Law, pp. 1-27.

Course Materials Available on TWEN


Public Choice Seminar (Law 445)

Location: Seminar room, Center for Studies in Public Choice, Fairfax Campus

Course Information:
Text: A Constitution For A Future Country. By Martin Bailey
There will be some papers which will be distributed by the professor.

The course will cover newly developed possible governmental methods together with a summary of other such methods which are in use or have been in use. It will not be restricted to Democratic governments although of course more attention will be given to those.


Protecting IP in the Internet World (Law 306)

Initial Assignment:

  • 15 USC � 1052 (with an emphasis on subsection (a))
  • 15 USC � 1053
  • 15 USC � 1117(d)
  • 15 USC � 1125

Students should be familiar with the reading assignment for the first day of class.


Aviation Law (Law 151)

Course Syllabus and Description PDF Document

Course Materials Available on TWEN -- Students should register for this course on TWEN before the first day of class.

Warren and Wolff

Natural Resources and The Environment (Law 225)

Course Materials Available on TWEN -- Students should register for this course on TWEN before the first day of class.

Course Description:
This course will address federal regulation of natural resources on public land, including water, minerals, timber and wildlife. Students will learn about the American West, the Department of Interior and the Forest Service. Discussion will frequently concern legal, economic, and environmental criticism of past and present policy. It is hoped that the class will be supplemented by guest speakers who can offer an expert perspective on these issues. Themes of the class will include the evolution of federal policy from exploitation/disposition to conservation to an enlarging concern for preservation, as well as the change in the legal landscape from customary law to common law to the predominance of federal statutes and administrative regulation. Having taken administrative law is recommended, though not required.


Economic Foundations of Legal Studies (Law 108)

Course Syllabus PDF Document

Summer Reading & Course Information PDF Document

Course Web Site


Admirality (Law 153)

Initial Assignments:
Wed. 8/21: pages 1-41 of Healy & Sharpe casebook
Wed. 8/28: pages 41-96 of Healy & Sharpe casebook

Wed. 9/4: pages 96-151 of Healy & Sharpe casebook


Bankruptcy (Law 167)

First Assignment:
Read Chapter 1 and do all Exercises.


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