Fall 2008 Section 001
Law 249: International Business Economics and Law

Schedule: Evening Class

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Credit Hours: 2
CRN: 77563
Day(s): Wednesday
Location: Hazel Hall 225
Time: 8:00pm-9:50pm
Enrollment Limit: Please see Patriot Web
Online: Online access through TWEN
Syllabus: Syllabus not listed.
Course Documents:
Exam Date/Time: 12-05-2008 6:00pm
Prerequisites: None
General Description: This course is designed to provide International Business track students with an analytical framework, based on microeconomic theory, for studying law and policy questions relating to international trade issues. Topics covered include comparative advantage and the gains from trade, patterns of trade, the effects of tariffs, subsidies and other trade laws, balance of payments issues, exchange rate determination, and industrial policy.