Fall 2008 Section 001
Law 475: Advanced Antitrust Seminar

Schedule: Evening Class

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Credit Hours: 2
CRN: 77524
Day(s): Tuesday
Location: TBA
Time: 8:00pm-9:50pm
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Semester-Specific Description This course involves the practical application of antitrust law and economic theory in federal antitrust litigation and in the review of mergers and acquisitions by federal agencies and international competition authorities. In the litigation portion of the course, students will draft and answer a class action complaint, draft discovery documents, depose an expert witness and draft “dispositive motions (both summary judgment and “Daubert” motions). In the merger-review portion of the course, students will engage in a simulation encompassing prefiling communications with a federal agency, Hart-Scott-Rodino filing materials in connection with a proposed merger, and the defense of a proposed merger before a federal agency (including the preparation of the expert economist) and a resulting “second request” for additional information. The simulated litigation and merger review will draw from recent leading cases (e.g., Whole Foods) and cutting-edge economic theories (e.g., network externalities, information goods, above-cost predatory pricing, micromarkets such as commodity exchanges and many others).
Antitrust I: Principles
General Description: This course will cover advanced topics in modern antitrust law, including recent Supreme Court cases and developments involving the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice Antitrust Division. The course will examine selected topics, such as the controversies surrounding dominant firms and exclusionary conduct, as well as such areas as the interface between the antitrust laws and intellectual property, health care, efforts to limit antitrust immunity, the Noerr-Pennington doctrine and state action, and merger policy (including the treatment of efficiencies and measurement of entry), as well as an overview of EU competition law. The course will conclude with the presentation of student research papers. Antitrust I: Principles is a prerequisite for this course.