Fall 2009 Section 001
Law 176: Commercial Paper

Schedule: Day Class
Byrne, James
Credit Hours: 3
CRN: 77441
Day(s): Monday, Wednesday
Location: Hazel Hall 329
Time: 11:20am-2:00pm
Enrollment Limit: Please see Patriot Web
Online: Online access through TWEN

The Wednesday class ends at 1:10. This is an accelerated class that ends mid-semester. Check syllabus for details.

Syllabus: Go to syllabus
Course Documents:
Exam Date/Time: mid-semester-2009
Prerequisites: None
General Description: This course covers the workings of the finance and payments systems, and the legal doctrines on which they are based, focusing on UCC Articles 3 (Negotiation, Defenses, Holder in Due Course, and the status of parties to an instrument) and 4 (the bank collection system) and Regulation CC. It also considers negotiation in Funds Transfer Systems and in the context of personal property leases, letters of credit, bank acceptances, and personal property security interests. Related doctrines of agency, suretyship, insolvency, contracts, sales of goods, bankruptcy, and assignment and transfer are reviewed. Attention will also be given to drafting and litigation, the conduct of discovery, and trial tactics.