Spring 2009 Section 001
Law 437: Federal Circuit Practice Seminar

Schedule: Evening Class
Instructor(s): Modi, Naveen , Stoll, Kara
Credit Hours: 2
CRN: 16742
Day(s): Tuesday
Location: Hazel Hall 332
Time: 6:00pm-7:50pm
Enrollment Limit: Please see Patriot Web
Syllabus: Go to syllabus
Course Documents:
Exam Date/Time: No exam.
Semester-Specific Description The course focuses on the practical aspects of appearing before the Federal Circuit. It discusses the history of the Federal Circuit, the purpose of its creation, its jurisdiction, and rules of practice. It includes brief writing and oral argument. In addition, the course discusses the practical inner-workings of the Federal Circuit.
Prerequisites: None
General Description: A seminar on the practical aspects of appearing before the Federal Circuit, as well as the most relevant substantive issues currently before the Court. The seminar discusses the history of the Court, the purpose for its creation, the Court's jurisdiction, rules of practice, and the practical workings of the Court. Practical aspects of appearing before the Court will include opinion analysis, brief writing, and oral argument. The seminar also explores some of the more complex issues currently faced by the Court. Finally, the seminar will discuss Federal Circuit cases recently heard by the Supreme Court.