Fall 2010 Section 002
Trial Advocacy for Competitors (Law 329: Trial Advocacy)

Schedule: Eve Class
Thacher, Jonathan
Credit Hours: 2
CRN: 80380
Day(s): Tuesday
Location: Hazel Hall 122 - Trial Moot Coort
Time: 6:00pm-7:50pm
Enrollment Limit: Please see Patriot Web
Syllabus: Syllabus not listed.
Course Documents: No documents listed.
Exam Date/Time: no exam-2010
General Description: Law 329 - Trial Advocacy - 2 credits
This course trains students in the preparation and presentation of evidence in jury and non-jury trials. Evidence is a prerequisite and the course is graded "CR". Students who have previously taken Law 329 Trial Advocacy for Competitors may not register for this course.

Law 329 - Trial Advocacy for Competitors - 2 credits
This course focuses on the same matters as Trial Advocacy, but its enrollment is limited to students participating in an intramural or extramural trial advocacy contest during the semester in which they register to take the course. All students must receive permission of the instructor to register, and priority may be given to students competing in extramural versus intramural competitions. All students must also have taken Evidence as a prerequisite or be taking Evidence during the same semester they enroll. As of Fall 2013, students will receive two (2) total graded credits for completing this course: one (1) credit is "in-class" and one (1) credit is "out-of-class." Students may participate in Trial Advocacy for Competitors a maximum of two times, subject to instructor approval, or one time if the student has already taken the non-competitor Trial Advocacy course.