Fall 2012 Section 004
Law 108: Economic Foundations of Legal Studies

Schedule: Eve Class
Instructor(s): Cooper, James L.
Credit Hours: 3
CRN: 80503
Day(s): Monday
Location: Hazel Hall 120
Time: 6:00pm-8:40pm
Enrollment Limit: Please see Patriot Web
Syllabus: Go to syllabus
Course Documents: No documents listed.
Exam Date/Time: 12-07-2012 6:00pm
Prerequisites: None
General Description: This course exposes students to a broad survey of economic, statistical, finance and accounting concepts in which those concepts play a crucial role in determining the outcome of legal disputes. Students will not become expert in these technical areas but will be exposed to both the mechanics and subtleties of these tools. The goal is to educate and train students so that they will be better prepared to understand a dispute, craft an argument, or prepare a witness.