To learn more about the Law Alumni Association, speak with the Board members listed below or contact the Career, Academic and Alumni Services Office at 703-993-8020. Click on the links below to view your alumni association's planning documents.

Officers for 2014-2015

Kate McSweeny (’04), President
Dilworth Paxson LLP
David Warrington (’06), Vice President
LeClair Ryan

Debra Fitzgerald-O'Connell (’90), Secretary
Debra Fitzgerald-O'Connell, PLC

Board Members for 2014-2015

Brian Barnes (’11)
Social Security Administration

Alyssa DaChuna (‘10)
Wilmer Hale

Clyde Findley (’02)
Cloudigy Law, PLLC

Angela France(′01)
PCT Law Group

Bill LeDoux (’05)
Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC

Andy Kasnevich (’09)
Kenyon & Kenyon, LLP
Tim Libutti(′09)
U.S. Department of Justice

Kristen Moran (′04)
Internal Revenue Service

Ben Owen (’13)
Erlich Law Offices

Kevin Pettrey (’11)
Swango Law, P.C.

Jason Rabinovich(′09)
Law Office of Jason Rabinovich

Erica Rossi (‘12)
Independent Management Consultant

Meredith Schramm-Strosser (’12)
Joseph Greewald & Laake, PA

Kevin Shehan (’06)
Greenwald Doherty, LLP

Karen Yankosky (′02)
Xerox Corporation

Nathan J. D. Veldhuis (’04)
Rohrstaff Law Firm, P.C.