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Thomas Hazlett, Former FCC Chief Economist, Comes to George Mason Law School

Thomas W. Hazlett, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research and former Chief Economist of the Federal Communications Commission, joins the George Mason University faculty in fall 2005 as a professor of law and economics, teaching Economic Foundations of Legal Studies for first-year law students in the 2005 fall semester. In spring 2006, he will teach a communications course at the law school. In addition to his duties as a professor, Hazlett will bring his talents to National Center for Technology & Law, where he will assume a leadership role in its research program.


Professor Hazlett is an internationally recognized expert on telecommunications policy. His academic research is extensive, and he has served as both a contributing editor and columnist for a number of magazines, including the Financial Times, which currently runs his column. He frequently provides expert testimony to the courts, government agencies, and the U.S. Congress. He has served as a consultant to public and private entities throughout the world.


Law school Dean Dan Polsby expressed his admiration for Hazlett, saying, “Professor Hazlett is one of the world's leading students of regulatory policy. He is a legendary teacher, and his work on telecommunications and Internet policy has influenced a generation of scholars both in law and in economics. George Mason Law School is very pleased that he has agreed to lead the research program in the National Center for Technology and Law.”
Professor Hazlett received his PhD in Economics from U.C.L.A. Prior to his service as Chief Economist of the Federal Communications Commission in 1991-92, he was a professor at the University of California , Davis , teaching economics and finance courses and operating as Director of the Program on Telecommunications Policy. His recent teaching experience includes time spent as an adjunct professor of business and public policy at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania . A biographical article and extensive list of the professor’s written works are available on the Web at:    
To view Professor Hazlett’s July 29, 2005 , commentary entitled “Grokster’s Loss is America ’s Gain” in The Wall Street Journal, click here.