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Professor Joseph Zengerle Participates in Debate Over Solomon Amendment

Joseph Zengerle, Executive Director, Clinic for Legal Assistance to Servicemembers and Adjunct Professor of Law at George Mason continues to participate in debates and coverage on the Solomon Amendment, which is implicated in a case before the Supreme Court to be argued on Tuesday, December 5.

Recently Zengerle participated in a debate on the Solomon Amendment that was broadcast as part of the New York-based NPR program "Justice Talking." You can hear the broadcast here: The Power of the Purse: Can Congress Use it to Control Speech? or read a transcript of the show: Justice Talking: Radio Transcript(PDF). Guests on this program included David Strauss (University of Chicago), Kent Greenfield (Boston College), Richard W. Pombo (U.S. House of Representatives), Jared Wood (Coalition for Equity), Tobias Barrington Wolff (U.C. Davis), and Clara Bingham (Author).

Zengerle was also a guest on the Boston-based public radio program Here & Now. A recording of the entire program is available online. On this show, Zengerle is interviewed together with Kent Greenfield, professor of law at Boston College School of Law.

In addition, Joseph Zengerle was interviewed as part of a CBS-News story on the future of military recruiting from reporter Randall Pinkston entitled Recruiting Faces Legal Hurdles. Here, Zengerle states that the military is simply complying with a statute in following their "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. The video can be viewed directly here.

Zengerle is a Vietnam veteran and a former Assistant Secretary of the Air Force. View his online biography for further details.

For those interested in the Supreme Court arguments in the case of Rumsfeld v. FAIR, C-SPAN has archived the audio recording on their site: Supreme Court Oral Argument from Tuesday, Dec. 6 (requires RealPlayer to listen).

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