Law School Intranet

This site is intended to be used for internal distribution of information within the law school. Though the framework for this intranet is maintained by the library, individuals are able to post and share documents through DocuShare. In order to access most DocuShare documents, you will need to login to your DocuShare account. After logging in, return to this page by clicking on the link on the login page.

For more information on DocuShare, see Questions? or Deborah Keene (

Choose a Law School DocuShare Collection

Contains documents, forms, procedures, and other information of interest to faculty and staff.

Consists of documents and other materials of interest to teaching faculty including bylaws, minutes, faculty workshop papers, Levy workshop papers, faculty hallway floor plans, secretarial assignments, and library services.

Library & Technology
Contains information related to the law library and technology services including a staff calendar, policies, forms, survey results, and statistics.

Law School Index
Index to all law school documents on DocuShare.

University Site Index
Index to all documents from 8 major divisions of the university including the BOV and ITU.