George Mason University is installing a new card reader system for use with university photocopiers and printers. The old copy cards are being phased out, and students will be able to add Mason Money to their GMU ID to make photocopies or print in the computer labs. Public users of the Law Library will be able to purchase a new GMU Cash Card from a new teller machine that has been set-up next to the GMU Print Services Copy Center on the 1st floor of the library.

As of mid-January 2005, the old card readers are still installed on copiers on the 1st and 2nd floors of the library and the printers on the 1st floor and in Lab 342. If you must add money to the old card, add only enough for the job that you want to complete at that time. Once the old system is completely removed, only the new system will be available. This may happen by the end of January 2005.

A method for transferring money from the old card to the GMU I.D. or the new GMU Cash Card is being worked out. You must complete a form at the Copy Center giving your "G" number (GMU students only), name, address, and phone number. Copy Center employees will verify the amount on your old card, and will enter that amount on the form, and you will receive a copy of the completed form. This form will be sent to the Mason Money Office at the Fairfax Campus, and they will transfer your funds to the new card. If you are transferring money from an old copy card, you will need to turn it in to Print Services.

Students can set-up a Mason Money account online by visiting the Mason Money website. Please note that money for copying should be deposited into a Retail Fund and this money can also be used to purchase food in the law school cafeteria.

If you have any questions regarding the changeover, please contact Lavert Twisdale, the Copy Center supervisor, or any Copy Center employee at 703-993-814, Room 134 of the Law Library.