Basic Facts About Pay-For-Print

  • Cost is $0.10 per page; $.15 for double-sided printing.
  • The public printers use Pharos release stations which can only accept MASON MONEY. Mason Money can be deposited on a Mason ID or on a Mason Money card. There is a computer located in front of Print Services (Room 134, 1st floor) that can be used to add Mason Money to a card.
  • Pay-for-Print printers and release stations are located on the Law Library in Lab 342, across from the entrance to Lab 351, and in the Microforms Room (136) on the first floor of the library.
  • For problems with printers, see Print Services, Room 134 (1st floor of Library) or call 993-8141.
  • For refunds or problems with copy cards, contact Print Services, Room 134 (1st floor of Library) or call 993-8141.

Pay-For-Print Laptop Installation Instructions for Windows and Macs

The Law School's Technology staff can help you configure your Mac or Windows laptop to print to the three Pay-for-Print laser printers located in the law library. Their office is in room 362 on the third floor of the library next to Lab 342. The software and instructions are in the process of being updated. If you have any problems, see the Technology staff.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  • At the Computer:
    1. When you are ready to print a document, click File and select Print.
    2. Select printer: PFP B&W
    3. A "Print Job Details" window will pop-up. Enter a username and a password.
    4. Click Print.
  • Go to any one of the 3 Print Stations (Note: non-law students should use the station on the first floor, Room 136):
    1. Swipe your Mason ID or copy card to begin.
    2. Select your job and click Print. (Note: jobs are sorted by date and time).
    3. Enter your print job password.
    4. This will release your print job.