Profile of the 2004 Admitted Class

From a total of 5,038 applications, offers of admission were extended to 758 individuals, or just 15% of the applicants, making Mason's selectivity comparable to that of many of the most highly-ranked law schools across the country. The median LSAT for admitted students is 165, and the median undergraduate GPA for that group is 3.62. The entering class for fall 2004 was drawn from 110 different undergraduate institutions. Sixty-five percent of the entering students are male, while thirty-five percent are female. Fifty-eight percent of the class is made up of Virginia residents, with the remaining forty-two percent coming to Mason from other states and foreign countries. We matriculated a total of 209 new law students for fall 2004. Of those, 138 are day students and 71 are evening students. The average age of entering students is 25.8 years.