The Journal of Law, Economics & Policy Launches Its Web Site

George Mason University School of Law's newest journal, The Journal of Law, Economics and Policy (JLEP), has just launched its web site. As outlined in their mission statement, the JLEP plans to publish innovative, thought-provoking journals on law, economics and policy that will appeal to both academia and the practicing legal community. JLEP is the first student-run journal of law and economics in legal academia, and the articles will be peer-reviewed by a highly distinguished Board of Advisors.The JLEP will publish two issues each year. One issue will be devoted to specialized symposia bearing on important questions of legal and economic policy, and the other will be a peer-reviewed compendium of articles submitted by individual authors. The JLEP is planning its first annual Symposium in September 2004 which will explore "current issues concerning self-help and self-defense in cyberspace." The first issue of the journal will appear in early 2005.