George Mason Law's We Help Each Other Fund for Student Assistance

George Mason University School of Law is a special law school community. We pride ourselves not only on our academically gifted faculty and students, but also on our commitment to working together and helping one another. In many ways, our law school feels more like a small town than a high-powered educational institution.

A shining example of the spirit we enjoy at George Mason Law is the We Help Each Other Fund. This fund was established in 2002 by one of our students (anonymously) in response to an unexpected tuition in increase imposed in the spring 2003 semester. This generous student contributed an amount sufficient to pay the tuition increase for 100 of his fellow classmates.

As word of our student's generosity spread, other students and alumni stepped up and contributed to the fund. We even received contributions from local bar associations and law firms who wanted to share in this spirit of giving.