Professor Berkowitz examines the attitudes of Kuwaiti women concerning the right to vote

Professor Peter Berkowitz was a recent contributor to The Weekly Standard in an article examining the divergent attitudes of Kuwaiti women to the National Assembly of Kuwait's recent failure to take the final steps necessary to give women the right to vote in municipal elections.

They've Kuwaited Long Enough; What's stopping Kuwait's women from voting? The Weekly Standard, May 4, 2005. By Peter Berkowitz, The Weekly Standard.


"It's not every constitutional monarchy in which the government is more progressive than the parliament. Nor is it every government that invites journalists and scholars, as Kuwait's invited me, to meet with an assortment of citizens and to explore what many members of the government regard as an embarrassment--the denial, despite the promise of equality for all citizens in the country's constitution, of the right of political participation to women."