Professor Bernstein is quoted regarding the Supreme Court's ruling on the medical use of marijuana

Professor David E. Bernstein provided opinion in a Monterey County Herald article detailing the Supreme Court's ruling that the government can prosecute people who use marijuana for medicinal purposes -- even in states where such use is legal.

High court: No medical pot allowed,  Monterey County Herald (CA), June 7, 2005. By Stephen Henderson.


"David Bernstein, a George Mason University law professor, said it's always disappointing when the court's more liberal members disregard explicit constitutional limits on federal authority, but it's even more so when court conservatives such as Scalia do it

'It suggests he focuses on the text of the Constitution when it helps him get to the result he's trying to reach,' Bernstein said. 'It opens him up to criticism that he uses it only for political purposes.'"

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