Professor Bernstein is quoted in an article that examines the challenges out-of-town lawyers face in small town trials

Professor David E. Bernstein was quoted in a Broward Daily Business Review article that examined the challenges facing out-of-town lawyers who must defend clients in small, closely knit communities.

Lawyers say it's tough to get a fair trial in a small town, expecially, but not only, for defense attorneys in torts, Broward Daily Business Review, June 9, 2005. By Tresa Baldas.  


"David Bernstein, a professor at George Mason University law school, said the Ford case is a classic example of the pitfalls out-of-town lawyers face when they charter into foreign territory, particularly small towns, where people are more likely to protect local interests.

'I think if you are in a jurisdiction with a close-knit bar and where the people know each other, you better be wary,' Bernstein said. 'It's certainly a populist tradition in certain parts of Texas and elsewhere in the country that as a juror you favor the local little guy over the big guy with the out-of-state interest.' "