Professor Berkowitz writes in The Weekly Standard of the Kuwait National Assembly's recent decision to grant voting rights to women

Professor Peter Berkowitz is the author of an article in The Weekly Standard about the recent decision of the Kuwait National Assembly to allow Kuwaiti women the right to vote and to hold office.

Eye on 2007; Kuwait's women prepare for their first election, The Weekly Standard, July 7, 2005. By Peter Berkowitz.


"In fact, there is cause for both doubt and hope. Kuwait has a tiny population, a large natural harbor, traditions of maritime commerce and trade that for centuries have promoted an appreciation of the diversity of nations, a policy of educating women, a sysem of consultation among the ruling family and the merchant class, and staggering oil wealth. So Kuwait is exceptional. At the same time, in organizing their private lives and in dealing with politics, its women have for many decades now struggled to honor the competing claims of Islamic faith, Arab tradition, individual freedom, and democratic self-government. So the struggle provides the model."