Professor Bernstein comments on controversy surrounding online housing ads

Professor David Bernstein commented recently in a Washington Times article examining the controversy surrounding online housing ads, which some fair housing advocates allege have led to an increase in illegal discriminatory language.

Online housing ads spur concern over bias, The Washington Times, August 9, 2005. By Sarah Lesher.


"'Rules about discriminatory speech deprive people of useful information,' said David Bernstein, George Mason University law professor. He said that when he was house hunting, he was frustrated when his agent said she was not allowed to tell him which were near a synogogue.

And because people are allowed to exercise preferences when looking for roommates or housemates in an owner-occupied building, 'why waste everyone's time and energy' by forbidding ads saying so, said Mr. Bernstein, author of a 2003 book called 'You Can't Say That!' "