Professor Davies Publishes Research on 'Forgotten' Supreme Court Justice William Cushing

The Legal Times has just published an article discussing research by Professor Ross E. Davies involving a disputed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  Professor Davies' research suggests that there have been 17 and not 16 chief justices so far.  His research, to be published in the University of Toledo Law Review (linked below), argues that William Cushing was in fact a chief justice of the Supreme Court, a position he held for just two days.

The Chief Justice Who Wasn't There. Legal Times, September 21, 2005. By Tony Mauro

Excerpt: When President George W. Bush and members of the Senate Judiciary Committee describe John Roberts Jr. as the nominee to be the 17th chief justice of the United States, Ross Davies just chuckles. That isn't a comment on Roberts or his qualifications. What amuses Davies, a law professor at George Mason University, is the number everyone uses. Davies is quite sure that Roberts, if confirmed, will be the 18th chief justice, not the 17th. [full text]

"William Cushing: Chief Justice of the United States," 37 U. Tol. L. Rev. 597 (2006) [PDF Format]
By Ross E. Davies