Professor Zywicki quoted in New York Times article on bankruptcy curbs for hurricane victims

Professor Todd Zywicki was quoted in an article that examined the possible effects on victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita of the new, stricter personal bankruptcy laws scheduled to take effect on October 17.  

Storm Victims May Face Curbs on Bankruptcy, The New York Times, September 27, 2005. By Mary Williams Walsh and Riva D. Atlas.

"Defenders of the new law note that judges will still have the discretion to waive its strict restrictions on filing under Chapter 7, a faster and simpler type of bankruptcy that, among other things, allows consumers to walk away from some obligations.

'There's nothing in the bill to suggest that you can get blood from a stone,' Todd J. Zywicki, a law professor at George Mason University, said in an interview last week between Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. 'The new legislation is perfectly suited to deal with circumstances such as this.'"