Professor Stearns Comments in Article on Shaffer v. Weast

Professor Maxwell Stearns was quoted in an article on an upcoming Supreme Court case, Shaffer v. Weast, that deals with the question of whether the parent or the school district has the burden of proof under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

High court to hear Maryland cases on IDEA, police interrogation, Daily Record (Baltimore, MD), September 30, 2005. By Caryn Tamber.

"University of Maryland School of Law visiting professor Max Stearns said that while Shaffer may not capture the public's attention, it's an important case school districts nationwide will be watching.

'The reality is that this is an area here [where] a substantial amount of money is at state and the determinations are so intricately fact based,' said Stearns, who is visiting Maryland from the George Mason University School of Law. 'It's a fairly narrow question, and it sounds like a legalese question, but it's one that school districts around the country will be extremely interested in getting resolved.'"