Professor Stearns Looks at Controversial Cases on Supreme Court Docket

Professor Maxwell Stearns was quoted in an article that focused on some of the volatile issues facing the Supreme Court under the leadership of its new Chief Justice, John Roberts.

A new term starts with Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., Daily Record (Baltimore, MD), September 30, 2005. By Caryn Tamber.

"'I think it's fair to say the two abortion cases are going to be important, even though the particular issues in the cases are relatively narrow,' said visiting University of Maryland School of Law professor Max Stearns.

The public will pay close attention to the Ayotte and Scheidler cases, parsing them for hints on how Roberts will steer the court in future abortion cases, Stearns said.

'They'll look for certain clues, not only what the opinion says but who the opinion is assigned to,' said Stearns, who teaches constitutional law at George Mason University School of Law."