Professor Moore's Remarks at Hill Hearing Cited in Article

Professor Kimberly Moore's remarks at a recent hearing before the House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet and Intellectual Property were reported in an article about calls to create a new patent trial court.

Senate Hearing Looks Into Creating a Patent Trial Court, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, October 7, 2005. By Steve Lash.

"In contrast to Ellis, George Mason University law professor Kimberly A. Moore endorsed the idea of having a judge or judges in each of the 94 federal district courts who are dedicated to hearing patent cases. These jurists would ideally have scientific training or a patent background, she said.

'This proposal would considerably limit the number of potential judges who would preside over patent cases and increase predictability without losing the percolation and considered development of the law,' Moore said. 'A specialist district court judge would be in a better position to preside over patent cases to ensure more informed, accurate, decision-making by the jury. The specialist judge, by virtue of his knowledge and experience, would also be better able to resolve issues as appropriate on summary judgment, eliminating unnecessary jury trials.'"