Berkowitz Article and Book Review Published

The Weekly Standard has published an article by Professor Peter Berkowitz that proposes that the U.S. government could help increase understanding of the Middle East by backing the study of Arabic language in colleges and universities in the United States.

Speaking Their Language, The Weekly Standard, October 4, 2005. By Peter Berkowitz.

"According to the 9/11 Commission report, in 2002 U.S. colleges and universities granted a sum total of six undergraduate degrees in Arabic. The report also found that the government has too few translators and those it does employ lack, in many cases, the requisite proficiency in Arabic. This deficiency impairs intelligence collection and analysis, hobbles the rebuilding of Iraq, and threatens overall U.S. efforts to promote democracy in the broader Middle East."

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Professor Berkowitz also has published a review of George Packer's The Assasin's Gate, which he calls a "well-researched, intelligent, and heartfelt book on the actors and ideas that propelled America to invade Iraq." 

A Worthy War Critic. In: Policy Review Online, October and November 2005. By Peter Berkowitz.