Professor Routunda Is Interviewed on NPR About Supreme Court Nominee Miers' Possible Conflicts of Interest

On October 18, 2005 Professor Ronald Rotunda was interviewed by NIna Totenberg on National Public Radio's All Things Considered about a 57-page questionnaire submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee by Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers. Totenberg notes that nowhere in the questionnaire does Miers say what legal questions she worked on at the White House.

Professor RON ROTUNDA (George Mason University): I think at some point she's going to have to explain what issues she'd work on and why she would or would not disqualify herself if those legal issues come up.

TOTENBERG: Indeed, if Miers is quickly confirmed, one of the first cases she would confront would be an abortion case in which the Bush administration takes a strong position. And it's common practice in this administration for the solicitor general's office to run by the White House counsel--in this case, Miers--briefs it intends to file in major cases like this. So would Miers have to recuse herself? Again, Professor Rotunda.

Prof. ROTUNDA: It's certainly a very fair question to find out if she was involved with that. And if she was, is she going to disqualify herself or not?

The audio recording of the complete segment is available on NPR: Miers' Documents Reveal Past Opposition to Abortion.