Professor Kimberly Moore's Study Cited in Corporate Legal Times

The Corporate Legal Times cited a study of patent lawsuits by Professor Kimberly Moore in an article about "patent trolling" by businesses.

Patent Trolls Go Mainstream With Ocean Tomo Fund: Aggressive Enforcement of IP Rights Becomes a Lucrative Business, Corporate Legal Times, November 2005. By Steve Seidenberg.

"Patent trolls have yet another important advantage in trials: jury bias. Trolls often portray themselves in court as small inventors fighting big corporations, and in such situations, jurors frequently want to help the little guy.

This bias against big companies is greater than companies and their counsel often realize, according to Kimberly Moore, who teaches patent law at George Mason University School of Law. Moore recently completed a study of patent lawsuits and found that when an individual sues a company in a bench trial, each side has an equal chance of winning. When a patent trial goes before a jury, however, the individual is significantly more likely to win. If corporate counsel realized the extent of jury bias, the attorneys would try harder to avoid jury trials, Moore says."