Professor Rotunda's Views Cited in Article Examining Judicial Ethics

Professor Ronald Rotunda's views on judicial ethics were cited in a recent Legal Times article that dealt with recusal issues for Supreme Court justices, particularly in cases involving stock or business interests of the justices.

Critics Seek More Scrutiny of Recusals: Stock Ownership Affecting Business Cases at High Court, Legal Times, November 21, 2005. By Tony Mauro.

"Alito and other ethics experts, including George Mason University School of Law professor Ronald Rotunda, also point out that the code of conduct for federal judges treats mutual funds differently from stocks, because fund holdings do not ordinarily imply ownership in the company. Vanguard is structured somewhat differently, but Rotunda insists that because the outcome of the case would have had no impact on Alito's financial status, it was OK for him to participate.

The judicial code of conduct cited by Rotunda does not cover the Supreme Court, but by tradition the justices abide by it, and they are covered by the federal statute governing conflicts of interest for all federal judges."