Dean Polsby Comments on Rumsfeld v. FAIR in Christian Science Monitor

A Christian Science Monitor story detailing the significance of Rumsfeld v. FAIR, in which oral arguments will be heard by the Supreme Court today, featured comments on the case by law school Dean Daniel Polsby.

Clash Over Military Recruiters on Campus, Christian Science Monitor, December 6, 2005. By Warren Richey.

"The law schools' First Amendment case is weak, says Daniel Polsby, dean of George Mason University School of Law. He says the Solomon Amendment is a regulation of behavior, not speech. 'The government doesn't care what positions anyone is taking. The Solomon Amendment leaves the schools free to teach what they want to teach, it leaves the professors free to say what they want to say,' Professor Polsby says. 'All it says is we don't want you to Jim Crow our recruiters anymore. Let them in the same way you let in hundreds of other recruiters and treat them the same way.'"

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