Law and Economics of Irrational Behavior Published by Prof. Francesco Parisi and Vernon E. Smith

Stanford University Press has recently published a collection of essays titled The Law and Economics of Irrational Behavior. This book was edited by George Mason University School of Law Professors Francesco Parisi and Vernon E. Smith. The collection of more than twenty essays explores the most relevant development at the interface of economics and psychology, with special attention to models of irrational behavior, and draws on the relevant implications of the models for the design of legal rules and institutions.

The book contains contributions from numerous influential scholars in the area of law and economics, including several members of the George Mason School of Law faculty. George Mason faculty who contributed to this work include: F.H. Buckley, Terrence Chorvat, Kevin McCabe, Michael O'Neill, Francesco Parisi, and Vernon Smith. Other contributors include Robert Cooter, Mark F. Grady, Eric A. Posner, Cass R. Sunstein, and Thomas S. Ulen.