Professor Bernstein Comments on Earlobe Evidence in a Criminal Trial

Professor David Bernstein recently commented on the use of earlobe evidence in a criminal trial involving a Philadelphia man charged with robbing a local bank.

Judge Grants Earlobes Their Day in Court, Wednesday, Philadelphia Inquirer, January 11, 2006. By John Shiffman.


—Fingerprints, blood, fibers and DNA have set the falsely accused free. But earlobes? Comparing body parts in criminal cases, particularly earlobes, is an old science. It's the technology — better surveillance video and computer enhancements — that's relatively new, experts said. But George Mason University law professor David Bernstein said the court wrongly admitted highly dubious testimony. "It strikes me that if there is real difference in the earlobes, the jury should be able to see it on their own," Bernstein said.