Professor Krauss on Danish Cartoon Controversy

In a TCS Daily article co-written with J. Peter Pham, Professor Michael Krauss comments on controversy over the publication of Danish cartoons viewed by many Muslims as offensive. The authors cite instances in which a double standard is evidenced by anti-Semitic and anti-Israel editorials and cartoons published in the Muslim world by "official press organs that in fact do represent official government policy."

Cartoonish Hypocrisy, TCS Daily, February 9, 2006. By Michael I. Krauss and J. Peter Phan. 

"No Western leaders expressed anguish over the display of profound disrespect for an ancient faith. If anything, the same leaders who today trip over each other to placate the 'Arab Street' -- as if there were such a united entity -- were quick to shrug their shoulders and argue individual responsibility and avoid any semblance of collective judgment for official anti-Semitism."

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