New York Times Cites Professor Rotunda on Alito's Choice of Law Clerk

The New York Times, in an article examining Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's recent choice of a law clerk, cited Professor Ronald Rotunda's views on the hiring of Adam G. Ciongoli, a former top aide to former Attorney General John Ashcroft and an architect of the Bush administration's post-9/11 legal strategy.

Ideas & Trends; New Clerk for Alito Has a Long Paper Trail, The New York Times, February 19, 2006. By Adam Liptak.

"In the world of clerkdom, Mr. Ciongoli's appointment was a startling development, both because of his seniority and because of his political background. While his paper trail might attract critics eager to see potential conflicts of interest, his substantial professional experience, rare among clerks, may also be a big asset.

'We don't normally contemplate a high-level Justice Department official becoming a Supreme Court clerk,' said Ronald D. Rotunda, a specialist in legal ethics at George Mason University School of Law. 'It's just asking for problems that are unnecessary.' Most Supreme Court law clerks, who prepare memorandums and draft decisions for the justices, have little of note on their resumes beyond superior grades at a top law school and a clerkship with a federal appeals court judge."