Professor Berkowitz Comments on Resignation of Harvard's Lawrence Summers

"The significance of Lawrence Summer's resignation under fire as president of Harvard University has been widely misunderstood," according to Professor Peter Berkowitz, commenting in The Weekly Standard.

Berkowitz examines some of the criticisms leveled against Summers subsequent to his remarks on women and the sciences delivered at a closed-door conference in 2005, concluding that Summers was "untrue to his sound instincts about the university's mission and unable or unwilling to articulate the principles that should organize and refine those instincts...Summers's failure to stand up for himself and for the priciple of free inquiry when both were under assault -- indeed, his collaboration by means of public acts of abasement and contrition before those who would cut off speech and research in order to protect their own tender sensibilities and political agendas -- leaves Harvard more enfeebled and more confused about its mission than when he arrived."

Summer's End: Too bad Harvard's president wouldn't take his own side in a quarrel, The Weekly Standard, March 6, 2006. By Peter Berkowitz.

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