Professor Hazlett Provides Input for Verizon Filing in FCC Examination of U.S. Broadband Goals

In a first round of comments to the FCC on whether local franchise authorities unreasonably hinder new video entrants, Professor Thomas W. Hazlett provided a statement concerning economic impact of delays on the consumer as part of Verizon's filing in the matter.

At the FCC: Telcos Link U.S. Broadband Goals with Video Franchise Changes, Telecom Policy Report, February 27, 2006.

"Verizon supplemented its filing with statements from Marilyn O'Connell, senior vice president of video solutions (elaborating on Verizon's LFA experiences and difficulties) and Thomas W. Hazlett, professor of law and economics at the George Mason University school of law (on the economic factors behind video networks and video competition).

"O'Connell's statement listed alleged excessive delays, excessive geographic build-out requirements and other conditions the carrier didn't like. One of Hazlett's contributions is a conclusion that consumer costs from delaying wireline video competition could be as high as $28 billion."