Professor Lash Interviewed by Former A.G. Thornburgh on International Trade Barriers

The Washington Legal Foundation recently published an interview by former United States Attorney General Dick Thornburgh in which he conducts a discussion of the expansion of regulatory and legal policies which impede international free trade with Professor William H. Lash III. Lash, who served for four years as Assistant Secretary for Market Access and Compliance in the United States Department of Commerce, explores how barriers to trade affect free enterprise and consumers, and what Amercan trade officials are doing about them.

Conversations With...The Issue: International Trade and Non-Tariff Barriers, Washington Legal Foundation, Fall 2005. The Honorable Dick Thornberg and William H. Lash III.

"Governor Thornburgh: Bill, let's start out with a basic question -- what does President Bush mean when he says that free trade is not only an economic opportunity, but a moral imperative?

William Lash: Ronald Reagan said that trade was a forward strategy to freedom. When President Bush called free trade a moral imperative, he was recognizing that trade creates opportunity for everyone, particularly our poorer trading partners. Like Reagan, he recognizes that when we export goods we also export values such as democracy. Countries that liberalize their economies grow faster. There are clear links between economic freedom and political freedom. This is the moral component."

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