Professor Peter Berkowitz Appears on NPR's Morning Edition

The March 10 broadcast of NPR's Morning Edition featured a story in which Professor Peter Berkowitz commented on conflict over the intent of a law passed to remove Guantanamo Bay detainee legal proceedings from the federal court system and place them in a special military court. At dispute is whether or not the law pertains to both pending and future cases, with the government arguing for a clear standard to apply to all claims.

In commenting, Professor Berkowitz noted that this type of conflict has been going on since our nation's inception, that our system expects overreaching from each side and struggle over important issues like civil liberties and national security during wartime, and that the system is designed to handle those very issues.

Legal Deadline Arrives for Guantanamo Prisoners, NPR Morning Edition, March 10, 2006. By Ari Shapiro. 

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