Professor Zengerle Comments on Witness Contamination by Government Lawyer in Moussaoui Case

The Richmond Times Dispatch, in an article examining the furor over government attorney Carla J. Martin's improper coaching of witnesses in the Zacharias Moussaoui trial, included comments of Professor Joseph C. Zengerle on the problems faced by prosecutors as a result of Martin's actions.

Accusations baffling in Moussaoui case: How did U.S. lawyer so blatantly disregard the rules, experts ask, Richmond Times Dispatch, March 17, 2006. By Paul Bradley.

"Joseph Zengerle, a professor at George Mason University School of Law, said prosecutors cannot easily wash their hands of Martin. While she has more than a decade of experience in aviation security issues, she has virtually none in criminal trials.

"'The managers of the trial should have been watching over her,' he said. 'That's especially true in a case that has been so troubling from the beginning.'"

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