Hazlett Paper Excerpted in National Journal

A March 2006 George Mason University Law and Economics working paper by Professor Thomas Hazlett entitled "Shedding Tiers for A La Carte? An Economic Analysis of Cable TV Pricing" was excerped in an article in The National Journal dealing with 'a la carte' pricing in cable TV.

Channel Pricing Wars, The National Journal, April 8, 2006. By Drew Clark.


"Thomas Hazlett, professor of law and economics at George Mason University School of Law, illustrated in a March paper why cable television companies can make more money by selling groups of channels for a single fee ("bundling") rather than letting consumers choose individual channels from a menu ('a la carte pricing')...The result of bundling in cable TV markets, then, is that consumers 

gain (through increased viewing choices) while program producers gain (through an increase in revenues)."

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