Legal Times Publishes Somin Op-Ed on Discrimination Against Atheists

 Professor Ilya Somin published an editorial in the Legal Times about discrimination against atheists.  Somin looks at public opinion polls involving perceptions of atheists, as well as treatment of atheists in child custody cases and the absence of atheists in public office.

The Final Prejudice: Atheists may be the most unpopular minority, but law offers few answers. In: Legal Times, vol. 29, no. 16, week of April 17, 2006.

Recent decades have seen a major increase in public acceptance of minorities such as African-Americans, Jews, and homosexuals. But one minority lags behind all others—those who do not believe in God.

Half of Americans have a negative view of atheists. Similar percentages categorically refuse to vote for atheists for public office and believe that it is impossible for them to be moral people. Courts in some states routinely discriminate against them in child-custody battles.

Yet this prejudice against atheists is unjustified, and sometimes it causes real harm.

Read the full Editorial (reprinted with permission from Legal Times).